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  1. Sigur Ros - Ny Batteri, off their live album "Inni". If only Jonsi sang in English, they'd be bigger than Justin Bieber... ha! Here is their latest release: [url="http://youtu.be/Oc6zXSdYXm8"]<iframe width="435" height="344" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Oc6zXSdYXm8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/url]
  2. With moves like this... ...you'd think he'd be skinnier.
  3. It's kinda funny how a one-hit wonder (with a gimmicky song) like the Big Bopper will always be remembered simply because he died with two of the most talented artists of their era.
  4. I can barely even remember the password I use for this site :)
  5. I just saw them this past Friday at Amoeba in Hollywood and they are really great live. As I was listening to them play I realized that I have never heard their two newest records. Still, this song is really catchy and good. There's an obvious transition from pure guitar rock of their first record to more of a synth-funky ish thing that they are doing now.
  6. "Elvis Costello - Radio Radio" is currently playing at the BS_15 HQ.
  7. Friday is too good, followed closely by Sunday. That one-two punch of MBV and The Cure is sure to make the goth kid within everyone cry a lil' bit. Saturday... The Killers? Really? Who are they trying to be now? Did they get over the whole springsteen thing? Amy Winehouse? Sure everyone loves a trainwreck. I hope Thievery Corporation gets scheduled at the same time as her oe the Killers so i have something to see. They are missing big Electronica acts, so I'm sure most of the late additions will cover this. Hopefully Orbital and the Chemical Brothers get added.
  8. I ran into this little gem while searching through the music section (for something decent to listen to for I had never before been in a city with shitload of Country stations and a gazillion Jesus-music stations) of "The Walmart" in Lafayette, IN.
  9. Holy crap. I feel special and at the same time incredibly thankful. It's been a while hasn't it?
  10. Welcome Crazy Horse! I hope you share your wisdom here so I can read it during my monthly visit.
  11. They are the same stations found in http://www.shoutcast.com (Shoutcast/Winamp Radio).
  12. Alternative rock radio sucks. They play the same crap by the same crappy bands all the fucking time. Well it seems like the radio industry has heard my opinion because since late December alot of radio stations in major markets are switching to a new format: Alternative Gold. Alternative Gold, or the San Diego format (you'll see why they call it that), is classic Alternative ranging from bands like Nirvana, Perl Jam, Radiohead, and even the Sex Pistols. The format was created a year ago at KBZT San Diego. It beat the crap out of XTRA (91X) in the ratings and that shock the radio industry. Lets see if this great format lasts. Links: Corporate Radio Doesnt Suck - Indie 103, loud and Clear Channel? Indie 103.1 (L.A.)
  13. Real, and will keep it up untill it decomposes or starts a fire!
  14. ``Fallen'' by Evanescence? What the hell is wrong with the Recording Academy because, Evanescence super sucks.
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