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    rock, hip-hop, flow
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    Young jeezy, lil wayne, underoath

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  1. I ride up to the club sitting on these twenty fo's And I'm going to fly high like my name was Jim Jones Because I fly high no lie yea boy I'm ballin Don't get mad at me cause your girl is callin Me out to the dance floor dog I can walk it out See your girls melting on the floor from my drought I'm like an Indian dancing all around Doing my rain dance making it rain taking all your paychecks It's not my fault god made this you cant tame this Ringside is perfectly lyrically taught to be fit So nigga if you don't like it, don't try it Just leave out of this club before I ur-sher your ass Trust me you weren't the first and you won't be the last
  2. that shit it straight up haha. damn
  3. thanks, yea it looks like im a bit rusty. what would you suggest for it to be stronger?
  4. you know today i learned a lesson theres no point in second guessin on the snakes the waste the used to be cell mates cause they are all alike they are all the same they dont know shame when it hits um in da face your pride your life the love of your life are worth close to nothing in these mens eyes i gave them all a chance but then again i was blind to there disguise easily seen in the light of the father the holy ghost and the son because only through there eyes can anything be won so if you plannin on struttin and dropping a bomb your better off killing yourself cause with me your chances are a million to one
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