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Everything posted by No_Clu

  1. No_Clu

    any rappers here?

    alright , does anyone here wana do a colaboration with me... im thinkin of doing something hot for the streets ....
  2. No_Clu

    Need Producer

    yep i pm'ed beatmaker
  3. No_Clu

    any rappers here?

    Yo i as wonderin if there is any other cats round here who can rap. If so , anyone interested in doin any work with me, etc... anything you have in mind im down. Anyways if there is anyone here, drop your stuff for me to check out. Also if anyone would wana battle (text or audio) im down for that too.... lets just say im at the point where im about to explode ahahah.
  4. New Lloyd Banks Video Tuesday, August 10 @ 21:50:21 EDT I’m So Fly” : WM: http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/interscope/lloydbanks/hungerformore/video/imsofly_reg/00_imsofly.asx Real Player: http://boss.streamos.com/real/interscope/lloydbanks/hungerformore/video/imsofly_reg/00_imsofly.ram Website: http://www.rapbasement.com
  5. No_Clu

    Need Producer

    ok guys ... thanks for the help , i will let these guys know , but if u see any of them before they repsond to me, please let them know about this post ... thanks
  6. No_Clu

    Need Producer

    Hey , im a 16 year old rapper. I have been interested in rap for many years but have been writtin and been battling and making some low quality songs for about 2 years. I am now looking for a personal producer who is willing to help me produce some clean and tight music. I got the lyrics, i got the talent, i need someone to make my quality top notch. Anyone that is inerested please post 2 of my battles are at : http://www.soundclick.com/bands/writePage.cfm?bandid=140285&bandnamesave=clu
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