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  1. Play the World in LIVE. Seebox is an inter-cultural live online broadcasting station where you can communicate live with others from all over the world. Seebox thinks that connecting the world lively and vividly will make the world even closer. Let's find out what comparative functions Seebox has! Be a DJ as Live Seebox enables you to broadcast music with 'visual'. You can show yourself to the world in real-time with your music. Moreover, if you are a bit of shy person, you can just play a video you like by simply capturing the content to Seebox page. Broadcast Yourself Live... Seebox is unlike other previous UCC sites, provides personalized 'Live Broadcasting' service. You can easily broadcast live your precious contents to the entire world. Meet the world Live... Seebox enables you to enjoy more with live contents by providing 'Live Chat' service. You can discuss about what-live content-ever you are interested in with the whole world while the contents being played live with minimum delay time. If you are not satisfied with one... If you are not happy with one live contents on Seebox , you can simply add more live contents on the screen by dragging. We enable you to enjoy four live contents at the same time on one single screen (PIP Function). Make it as you like... You can add pictures or texts you want on live contents that being played. To have more fun, you can use the function for your personalized specific logo or catch phrase on Seebox . If you are fed up with English... Any languages that you don't understand can be easily translated on Seebox . With single click on 'translator', you can experience different world from where you are in. Language isn't a problem for you to understand other countries anymore, if you are with Seebox. Seebox will satisfy you with a high multimedia streaming service on internet. Comparative core high technology solution makes you enjoy contents without buffering, and provides high-definition media based on H.264 codec. Seebox not only has been striving to connect the world together without technical difficulty, but has been trying to provide the best service for users to introduce their culture or life on internet. Find out more about Seebox! Inquiries : [email protected]
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