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tom d

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  1. my nigga dj chubz just got put in da pin, so befor he left he told me to fill in for him, police chased him down on braken someones jaw, this y kno one likes the mutha fuckin law, i saw the hole thing they had beef so the went to war, no knifes no guns dats how da hood like to brawl, dey sed in a year 8 months for good behavior, is wen hes released and now we call him the terminator, but da pin can change a man from strong to stronger, wen chubz get out he wont have beef for much longer, he told me he had sum beef wit a nigga namd cracka, but dats not my buis so lets not have to go blllllat cracka.
  2. tom d


    you say you went fishin but you keep on bitchin, you aint catch shit you weak shit fish dragged you in, so i came in my ford expidition and saw yo ass swimmin, so next time strap ya self in like i strap my gun to my waste, spittin to you is spittin to a wall man you just dont listen, im mr. oh so steady at a fast pace let me kno if your ready, this bitch talkin bout how he so gangsta and dont live in the hood, how bout yo punk ass bitch ass faggot ass come pass riverhood, riverhead new york 1-1-9-0-1, and ill pop ya pussy ass you little punk, to all my motivations some i hope you r.i.p, to big pun, tupac, pimp c, and biggie, to the ones thats alive like cassidy nas and jay-z, lil wayne, and the rest that are sellin cd's.
  3. tom d


    you say that im wastin ya time, but how is that when you dont gotta life, on lyrical you spit danger to my homies and how ya shootin choppers, and how there's no nedd to call a doctor, well ya right because all ya shots missed, my homies put some in ya chest, make it hard to breathe now ya pissed, and you got the nerve to say whos next, have you ever heard of dont fuck wit me, because ill take my gat out and light you up like a g, hit you with the mutha fuckin haymaker add a 2 piece, brake ya fuckin jaw wire it shut so you cant speak.
  4. it doesnt really matter who got here first, its a fuckin website cunt bag fag make you liverworst, i sit back and i relax as my bullets quench ya thurst, little fuckin punk ass wit ya wack raps watch how the tables turn, fuck wit a gangsta have this wangsta cracka buried with the furns, leave cracka sleepi with the worms 6 feet under the earth. so what you got here before me, puttin me to the test, doesnt mean you didnt steal my swagga you fuckin little pest, ill leave you sleepin in the dirt along with smg and the rest, who tried to fuck wit my rhymes but my abilities but didnt make me sweat.
  5. tom d


    what the fuck is wrong with you bitch, you dont wanna mess ill make ya life a glitch, it was a mistake for you cracka to wake abyss, you tryin to get stabbed and get ya throat slit, i put a round in ya, end ya life and just think, now that your gone how much better my life is. you said my little paragraphs dont effect you, my ak makes ya fuckin homies start scuryin, koolaid will put ya in ya gave and ill do the buriein, what the fuck is wrong with you cracka, fuck with me and ya watch ya crew bodies stacka, you think you so big, but ya just stealin others swagga.
  6. tom d


    come after me koolaid ill stir ya brains up, have you feelin like shit after i wash you up, who the fuck you think you are messin wit chubz, rainin bullets on ya ass cause im makin it flood, who the fuck you talkin to thinkin you so touph, come through in ya hood shootin ya up, tell me im next go head tell me that im next, stick a fork in ya back im back i never left.
  7. this is in chubz we trust 2, you already know what it do, come through makin people sick like atchu, dj koolaid ya next and im comin after you!
  8. i stay cheering on my fans like were doin the wave, bitches keep hatin they need to learn to behave, im like god i can give i can take, i can delete create, some trouble im in love with confrontation, dj chubz runs this shit like bush runnin the nation, i stay pickin fans up like people at a train station, i dont give a fuck about who comes to take it.
  9. tom d


    hey yo cracka man this is ridicoulous, were fightin on a website over some stupid shit, me and you should team up take out the fakes, we are dead even, man we did whatever takes, to get rid of eachother with our lyrical abilities, we both on our shits that were cloggin the facilities, so if you dont wanna join up then squash the beef, because this shits the most ridicolous shit ive ever seen, were actin like kids that are five years old, this is stupid were not actin like were grown. NO HOMO when i said: we both on our shits that were cloggin the facilities!
  10. since when did i quit who said you won, rappin on a website bet you think this is fun, you dont got a life and you dont smoke blunts, and i dont remember saying that im done, that comment was meaningless and dumb, now after this quit messing around with number 1. oh and your little bitch that keeps commentin you, he needs to shut the fuck up too, because i cause straight damage whenever i come through, so put a sock in it dude as in cool.
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