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About .chubz.is.back.

  • Birthday 01/18/1993

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    rap, hip hop
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    tupac, biggie, nas, eminem, cassidy, gillie da kid, 50 cent

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    da hood
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  1. alright so now its time to get mature, cracka aint welcomed in my house so im shuttin the door, you can call the cops because you are the neighbor, so stay out my yard or you will get a round or more, just to let you know that i am so sure, that ill leave a mag in ass, leavin blood on the floor, i dont play around im straight hardcore, my guns like lion all they wanna do is roar. you fuckin indangered species
  2. cracka i just been gone for a minute, you probaly thought that you won, well im not finished, my rhymes is a house compared to your shack, give it up you little punk bitch ya rhymes is wack, you are the patient inside the emergency room, your wack'a crack'a ya being treated for your wounds, you tend to pretend that you were as good as me, im the king of the castle and im only 15, keep runnin ya mouth and ill run up to ya residents, blow ya stink ass shit up you smellin like dragged flatuelence, and you got the nerve to say i make no sense, well your right i make the bills and ill buy you a tent, no need to thank me, its just a replacement, for ya shack im gonna blow up on july the 10th, your just an assignment that i have to do in english, your just an assignment that i put down as past tense.
  3. this is cracka numba 3 forget numba 2, he dont wanna mess wit me my rhymes sick like the flu, leave that bitch sick yo smg spits betta than you, leave ya ass missin for days funeral in the afternoon, you fuckin loony toon, ya only rhymes pretty good once in a blue moon, haha see ya bitch ass soon. !!!NO HOMO!!!
  4. why you keep coming at me wit rhymes that are kiddish, i beg you to stop before i get finished, this is lyrical man slaughter i spit straight viscous, this is my kingdom and its not ya buissness, your a pussy ass white trash that smells like trash, if you really wanna battle im tellin you that you get smashed, your a cartoon motha fucka like sufferin sucka tash.
  5. now hold on cracka you dont know me, tell me where you live ill come to ya home b, come wit da pistol puttin holes in ya t, ya get served on a platter no charge no fee. i come from the hood u dont want nunna this, leavin holes in ya body, bitch you come out like swiss, cheese, and thats ya insides, talkin bout u know koolaids demise, well ill take one for a G from ya pussy ass 9. so maybe your stupid ass should think again, cuz ill beat ya ass, take ya gun and pop one in ya head, maybe u will maybe understand what i just said, cuz im not talkin chinese cracka, im talkin pakastan, cuz im terrifying like a terrorist man im gettin chased by the feds.
  6. hey yo cracka, repeat what you just said, you wanna call me garbage man im kinda sick in my head, ill leave your white ass cracka ass in a fuckin hospital bead. i really think you need to watch what you say, and maybe ill let you live to see the next day, you dont wanna mess wit me, ya little punk ass is gay. thats only a warning shot bitch.
  7. yo smg... im back, now what you gonna do, my rhymes so hot i leave you sick like atchu! you run ya fuckin mouth off like your a damn athlete, you should of known better to throw ya rhymes at me, you dont know me, ill straight leave you in the dirt, you dont really wanna battle, ill leave ya feelings hurt, let me grab the mic and get ready to go to war, come on dont be a baby, why did you just shit in ya draws.
  8. guess who it is, yup its me, its one the only chubz 15, i only came back to check on my dynasty, so hows everone doin, fine i see, but theres only one problem, and its SMG. im not finished wit u bitch, i hope u rememba me, and i guess, you still dont know any thing, your wastin ya time, on this mutha fuckin site, why couldnt you get the sign, my indentity is concealed,god damn pedafile, you dont know me, my rhymes kickin like kong fu, i spit like crazy on the mic, now how bout you, your an old mutha fucka, u are not part of thhe youth.
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