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  1. there is an awesome new texting feature on this website where you can text songs to your friends phone that they can then play. You can also text them tour info about their favorite artists. Its really really cool! check it out on their site!
  2. i am so glad one of my fav TV LAND shows is getting a movie! Bewitched looks cool and Will Ferrel is playing Darrin! how cool is that! I found some clips from the movie on this page and they are really really funny! If you like will ferrell, like i do, i think you will love this movie!
  3. I think this movie will be super funny i think. Owen Wilson is one of my favorite comedic actors and Vince Vaughn was in old school so he is automatically hilarious. I mean I found some clips of this movie hereand they have me cracking up so the movie must be ridiculously funny. what do you guys think? **The thrailer is on The Budweiser site - you must be 21 to log in and see it
  4. The lead singer of one of my fav bands, The Deftones, has finnally released an album from his side project Team Sleep. I was skeptical of it at first but have picked up the debt album and thought it rocked! They remind me of the Deftones but have a unique sound. Check out some cool behind the scenes videos of them on this website here
  5. I found all the music videos online at this page for this band Youth Group. I had never heard of them but my sister is really into them. I check out the vids and thought they were actually really good. A nice alt/rock band. check out the vids!
  6. i just watched the trailer of this movie over on this website here it looks really fun and cool. the action looks awesome and i love any movie with angelina jolie, i am a big fan! check out the trailer if you havent already, this looks to be one of the best of the summer
  7. a cool new movie about bounty hunters. looks like a lot of cool action in this one and the tone looks really gritty. from the trailer, which i saw on this site, it looks like this will be a great contrast to all the tame movies of the summer.
  8. there is an awesome new texting feature on http://www.budweiser.com/1 where you can text songs to your friends phone that they can then play. You can also text them tour info about their favorite artists. Its really really cool! check it out on their site!
  9. i am a big weezer fan and really like their new album. I found a behind the scenes video here that other weezer fans should check out. its on the making of their cool new video for beverly hills. its great!
  10. wonderwhy

    irish punk

    i have been a fan of the dropkick murphys for a while now, they are a great irish punk band, and now it looks like they are going to break into the big time soon. they even have a feature on them on this page here where you can watch like 4 of their vids. i think they will be big soon!
  11. Has anyone tried B(E)? It's part beer but part a little bit extra. It's been zinged up with caffeine, guarana and ginseng. The bartender who served it poured it over ice and I thought he was nuts but actually it worked.
  12. Does anyone know where I can get country music ringtones? I tried java.com but they don't seem to have any yet.
  13. thanks for the tip. check out all the snoop tones on java.com too. when my celly rings it's snoop top to bottom. chuch.
  14. wonderwhy

    the stills

    I love the stills. they bring the best about 80s music back onto the scene (which is really needed cause music lately hasn't been as good as it was in the regan years) If you havent heard of the stills, well you should have! (no seriously if you havent check out a feature on them on http://www.budweiser.com/1)
  15. Just to update my last post, the contest to win tix and a trip to see dave matthews in concert in san fran is now closed and all the free tix are gone BUT you can still go to the show buy purhasing special VIP tickets which come with added benefits like great seats and even a BBQ! you can check out http://www.budweiser.com/1 for info on buying tix. this concert will rule and dave fans should try anyway possible to get there.
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