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  1. SmG..


    I'm like a lyrical overload, cause you to overdose off ma flow like you bin sniffin coke up ya nose, from ya head to ya toes you'l feel ma lyrics penetrating ya clothes, chromosomes to ya bones, interfering with ya phone lines n ya mind, reducing ya time on dis earth, so you better prove ya worth, cos i dont give a fuck about ya height or ya girth, or where ya muma gave birth to ya, i'l still murder ya, unless you prove it's not worth me cursing ya, cos i'm not the person i used to be... i'm deep, you mite of known me as that lil' rudeboy reppin' Ely, or you mite not have heard of me, but trust blud, i'l give you the 3rd degree, if you try bring shit to me on the street, ma crew is who you will meet, and they wont greet you, they'l fuking eat you for dinner!, and we'l come out on top as the winner, after i killa i billup a zout so me n ma crew can regroup,regroup, come back with a bat inda boot, with a strap n a zout, with ma new 22 n i'l fukin shoot you!... na that aint wot i'm like, i'l jus come back another night n murk you in a mic fight... SmG..
  2. SmG..

    Quick lyrics..

    Ma lifes bin a shadowed path, but it's like i've bin past a spark from the dark, still all ma past pains ripping me apart from the heart, i confess that it's hard, it's like a dart stuck into ma chest, n i still feel blessed to of got through this mess without doing something that i no i would regret, cos i no i had to let you go, even though it hurt me so, so i figured i'd get back to what i no, das when i relized this whole time i've bin bluffin... cos' cuz yo i dont no nufin, and all that i knew was luvin you, so now what the fuck am i ment to be doing!?, i need sufin to be pursuin... a cause, so i paused for thought and thought of course! and thats when music became ma true force... When you live on the street your always learnin, but the troubles that i've faced seem to be reocuring, so i jus cotch, billup and get burning, to try clear ma head and calm ma heart from hurting, but to be honest it aint really working, all this built up pain keeps on emerging, music is ma lifes mission but ma vision keeps bluring, so back to the streets i keep turning, where so many boys chattin to me like there murking, but once i touch mic 'n' hype yo they aint so certain, cos since birth at the back of ma mind i've had all these deep lyrics lurking... i no it aint really poetry, its jus some quick lyrics i wrote.. but still there deep... SmG..
  3. This goes out to the youts like me, you gotta bun zouts or you'l lose ya sanity, you wont have the mentality to see that this life that they wish us to lead is cheap, they cheat us out of things that were entitled to and need so they can feed off us, and deceive ur trust, there all nice to your face but behind you cus, so it's a must that you listen to me, fuck da goverment! n definetly fuck da police!, they should be locking up the kiddy fiddlers and the fiends, but while there still walking the streets, there bussin me and you for blazing abit of weed, when there's no fucking need, the only person i'm harming is me... maself, n it's not like they really give a shit about my health, there always chattin like there here to help, well how the fuck are you helping me!?, are you keeping all these youts on the streets healthy?... making 'em wealthy?, showing 'em a path in life that they can get through safely?... No!, so dont start chattin that your helping these roads, cos you honestly dont no wot some of us go through, wot some of us have to go home to... broken homes, kids wiv broken noses from there own parents, cos there all so fuckin cracked up, and then they wonder why all these youts are growin up so fucked up, cos when they get cut or beat up, theres no one there to care, no one to say ''put your feet up'', ''hears ya dinner son, eat up'', so by the time there at college they jus dont give a fuck, telling all the teachers what the fuck they can suck, but they dont try and help, they jus say tuff luck and then they get expelled... like there really gona give a hell, already spent a few nights in a cell, and couple of there boys are in jail, so only time will tell till there in there as well.... jus some old bars dat i found the uva day.. some of it's bit sketchy i no, but u should be able to get wot i mean.. so what you sayin?.. SmG..
  4. SmG..


    if you fink you got rid of me den bruv you bin dreamin, cos all day i'm reppin da scene, i aint leavin, i'm writing bars every evenin, ma lyrical abilitys proceedin, til 1day i'l b leadin da way,, you say you've got pace, but you aint up 2speed wiv me, i'l leave you dazed, 6th gear likin switchin lanes like i'm crazy, your trippin if you fink your barz phaze me, i cant b arsed wiv dis spellin shit, cos when i type i get lazy, so fuk al dis writing, gime a mic n i'l start ragin... set up a proper battle, i aint got time 2b writin shit. cos i'm doin dis on ma breaks at college das y i aint bin on all week.. so let me no if u wana do dis ting properly... SmG..
  5. i hurt n murk u wanabe emcees, cos literally speakin i cud easily leave u pleadin, bleedin, on ya knees strugglin 2breath while i'm standin there bunnin on a reefa, decidin eiva, 2slice or jus leave ya, but i mite do neiva n beat u a little bit more, beat u til ur bloody n sore, til ur face is lookin raw n rancid, cos das wot manz get 4fukin wiv me, u fink ur a badman, but ur nufin 2me, so get bak man it looks like ur bluffin 2me, ur battyman! n if ur bringin sufin 2me, den ur bringin sufin 2ma team, n ma team so mean its leavin u wiv reoccuring dreams of da same scene rite as ma team r puttin bullets in ya bean, n now wot u've seen in ya dreams r givin u paranoid thoughts of layin up inda mourge not breathin, cos bruv, ur gona get caught dis evenin, n 1of us aint leavin alive, both r lives on da line, but ur better off bettin on mine, cos i aint no wasteman like u, i'm using ma time, u cant buy it so i'm bidin ma tym n i'm grindin, line after line i'm writin these rhymes dat r lyrically unmimicable, n can cause physical pain, mystical change, like u bin snortin kain, or injectin ma lyrics directly in2 your viens, there stainin ya brain, so u need 2rearange ya aims, tame ya claims, cos da claims dat ur makin, cudn't b anymore blatantly fake n, u already made da mistake, so 2 succeed u need a clean slate, but dat aint gona be happenin mate cos ur fadin, n wen da stakes r high i rise 2da occasion, get ragin, take 2da stage n murk everybody in ma way, cos da words dat i say av got every single listeners face lookin glazed, like there blazed out there face, there amazed by ma pace, your tryin 2keep chase, but dis is a 1man race, ur a case of misplaced fate, cos your neva gona make it, all dat you can do is jus face it.... can u read dat shit dis time bruv?..
  6. SmG..

    the best

    u joka!.. u dun no bout me bruv.. if u fink i cant spit i'l send u sum tracks n den c wot ur sayin enit..
  7. i'm young indis game, but cumin up indis game, probly aint yet heard ma name, but i aint indis game 4fame, i dont wana be da same as da rest, i dont big maself up or say i'm da best, i respect uva emcees like i'm a guest, cos i wana learn these, so i can pass all tests, n accelerate past da rest, train ma mind 2impenertrate thru any vest, like sum dark art implant straight 2ya heart, like a dyin star, it'l start 2burn n melt, cos at da heart is where i want ma lyrics 2b felt,, like da celts i got rage, like da romans i got brains, but i got only british blood flowin thru ma viens, i aint tame, dont play games, put u 2shame if u came 2ma lane, n start actin al big, start actin al bad, any pussios garenteed 2get had, cos ya not bad, jus a jak da lad, u'd get jacked jus 4dat, so go home 2ya mum n dads pad, n fink about dat, cos u dont live how i live, neva will, neva have, u cudn't concieve not havin money 2eat, no money 2keep shoes on ya feet, no money 4a house wiv runnin water n heat, all da fings dat kids need, all da fings ma parents had 2fight 4 4me!, tha dint have big jobs inda city, money dint cum easy, but dat shit dont always please me, i aint greedy, thay showed luv 4me, das more den enuf 4me, so cal me a pussy if u please, but there da 1s hu keep u safe wen u most need, as a seed growin up wiv da world at ur feet, tellin u theres no bounderies dat u cant beat, put ya hed 2it, 10 years, n u neva no where u cud b, u cud be in a formula1 seat, or livin at 10 downing street... me... i wana b an emcee....
  8. i aint 6foot3 but dat dont mean i cant fukin break ya knees, dus it g, so fink quickly b4 u start wiv me, cos dat means dat u start wiv ely, n start evry mufuka dat stands behind me, all da boys from da hbc, da ecb, plus al dem u c sittin on pali.g, n if dat dont scare ya, den i dare ya 2 cum 2ma area, cos we'l tare ya from tendon 2 ligament, cos were known 2disfugure men, afta dem pussios from haddenham were addin em, 2da list of wanabe badamen, out of all da boys weve had, nun av eva bin stabbed, cos wen we roll we cum bak wiv da bali's n bats, n whipe out ya whole pussy cru like dat, n das a fact, so hold ya mouf n dont chat, cos if we av 2cum bak agen, we'l cum bak wiv da gats n we'l spray ya men in ya own endz, cos u no me n u we aint friends, so dont b ringin me 4 a 10s, cos i'l skank u, say fank u, n i'l send u on ya way, wot u gona say, u wana refund!?, i'l bitch slap u! n say make me pay!, u fukin pussio, even da girls say ur gay, n all da gays say dat u swing dere way, u get boid bruv!, evry single day, ur a bitch, wen tha bongs go round ur da 1hu gets stitched, u choke offa 2toke pass, o ya arse like an uppercut from amir khan, u cant dance, u prance around da room, trippin wiv da broom, like u on shrooms, mind vibratin from da boom of da bass, get claped in ya face, blood is all u taste in ya mouf, hed spinnin as u get beat down, beat down 2da ground, pound after pound, ya feel bones break, body ache, ya fink 'dis pain i cant take!', u open eyes 2c ma face, as i pull da gat from ma waist, load up da bullets... cock back, u stare down da barrel as i pop dat, av u got dat!?... ...cos dat'l b ur fate if u aint got dat!.... rate dat shit u wastemen!...
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