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Chris Ferry

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  1. Thank you DudeAsInCool! I glad you see that I really mean what I am posting. I hope others will see it as well as I want to help guide them to their goals in music. This really is a incredible opportunity for serious musicians or guitar players as the information offered is not offered elsewhere. DudeAsInCool, perhaps you can refer any people you know who fit pretty well into my original post or some sources where I can find people with the like qualities I mentioned? Thanks for your time! Chris Ferry
  2. Hey Sysense! I completely understad your skepticism. That being said, hard work and dedication are obvious in their importance to achieve such things in life. I posted this message in search of people who love music and are interested in a higher quality approach to the subjects of learning guitar, teaching guitar, and becoming a successful / professional musician. People do post ads all the time containing information similiar to mine and I do feel bad for the good people that really do love music and are very serious about their musical pursuits in life that get ripped off because John D
  3. Hello! This post is for those of you who are serious about pursuing your musical goals and dreams. I have done solid research for over a year for high quality, highly credible information on learning how to play guitar at very advanced levels as well as how to be successful in the music business as a professional. After much research, I finally found what I was looking for. A resource where the information and teaching at hand is unrivaled in every aspect. Do you fit into any of these categories or more than one of them? 1) I am very dedicated to learning to play guitar and am seeki
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