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  1. Check it.... You wanna battle the king of this site Ill fuckin take you out no need for a fight I dont give a fuck about the East Coast Im from the West where we'll leave your whole team ghost I thought at least you'd know Im testin your ass Ill keep you in choke hold like a wrestling man Your the fuckin past and im tha ma fuckin present Im a fuckin king so bow down you fuckin peasent You aint even worth my time just had to teach you a lesson You want me to keep on rappin then keep yo head noddin in my direction See you was a mistake ill fuckin grill you like steak You's a faggot, a mistake, shouldve been swallowed the other day See I dont know who you are but I dont think that really matters You wanted to battle so imma punch you so hard your whole fuckin crew ganna shatter But the truth of the matter is that you started this shit So imma finish this cyber battle like a fish on a stick You wanna lick on my dick? Well thats a different story Ill fuckin kick you so hard look like a bird when its soaring See this shits so boring its not even worth my time so ima leave you one more ryhme To prevent you from trying FUCK WHO YOU BE AND FUCK WHAT YOU SAY IMMA SHINE LIKE A STAR SO GET THE FUCK OUT MY WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! NEXT???
  2. Nobody In Particular....accept Haters! Yaddidimean?
  3. I got the beat given temperate heat while I spit And now it is time for me to stand while all you sit So now that that’s settled, lets get one thing straight… I am the fishing pole and they are the bait When I say they I am reffering to the hatas That turned their back on me like I was a perpatrator But for now I will ingnore-those sore-bastards that hang before Me and the motha fuckin door Anyways I wanna take the time to recognize That fact that I will inevitbly spit until I die I will keep spitin until the world realize That there is more to life than money & blue skies And I am one who never stops & always will try To keep the wheels runnin until they burn dry Sometimes I feel like I am a bird and not a guy Prolly cuz my ryhmes so dope I feel I can fly People always ask me Trevor Maclee, why? I just look look at em straight in the ma fuckin eye And with a bad ass expression, I just reply Cuz im a G bitch, don’t have to wear a tie I got respect for my elders and respect for the game But other people don’t and that’s a ma fuckin shame See im like charzard, spittin nuttin but flame And now im in the game, and I will always remain When I dropped the beat, then all the people came Acted like it was football or some sort of game But it was nuttin but me, in the middle of the crowd And now im so hi, im sittin fishin on a cloud You see this world’s like a jungle… Some people disrespectful, other people humble I just sit back and watch the world crumble I watch one side score and the other one fumble I’m only askin to score once, I aint askin for double If you don’t like me, then your askin for trouble I’m determined to blow you up & pop yo ass like a bubble Hangin wit me then your ridin on the T-DUB shuttle If your not then your drownin in a ma fuckin puddle Say I cant spit, that’s just a misconception Im ridin one way…headin in one direction I don’t need money or goods to make my life perfection Tell me I cant make it…ill come back like resurrection If they ask for a reply don’t be given em none See we’ve done shit that aint none of em done This raps dedicated to the homies in da 831 Keep ya head up and keep them cops out on the run I come from the 831 where youngsters go dumb And smoke til ther brains hurt and they body goes numb I spit for da homies that remain in the our code Im talking bout the g’s that have been left out in da cold I don’t need much strength cuz I got my mentality This physiology brain will kill you like life is in biology I rap shit like presents, and rap with much integrity I wanna make it big…but after all this is reality
  4. I walk it out, I walk it out every time I hear the beat I walk it out, I walk it out to keep the beat soundin neat Im a extra hard candy with a taste of fresh flesh Im a hot n spicy chicken still ranked to be the best I don’t give a fuck bout the rules you claim to apply I aint your ordinary guy, just ask the girl she wont deny Im frontin like I know cuz ive been watchin like a spy You aint nothing but a staple, you’ve been slammed so many times Im so sweet like a candy and so sour like a lime You need an axe to stop my beat and a brain to stop my rhymes I walk it out like I know, you walk it out for a try But imma show you how its done cuz imma extra nice guy Your lyrics too damn original, mine are so damn fly Push me down low, and Imma rise until im so high I walk it out so clean, and spit raps so dirty Youre verses only 15, while mine be spittin out 30 I be walkin it out, while you be walkin it in Im so damn hard, might as well be considered a sin I’m watchin you lose the race, while you be watchin me win You come wit 3 lil bitches, im equipped wit 3 grown men My rhymes are so legit, they spit there own shit Im a poison spider and you bitches just got bit Im so damn high, im as high as the mountains Put your head down, or throw your fists where your mouth is BREAK Lookin through my rearview, I see problems & issues Watch the world descend like teardrops & tissues Left my hometown, said we sure will miss you But now im comin back, cuz I conquered the issue Take over the world and build it up like construction My brain is uncontrollable, ill leave you with nothin Sleep in the day, party at night is my function Im so hot right now, I belong in the oven BREAK Ive seen things you don’t wanna see, tales come true Saw lives come undone while starrin through my rearview Seen a man’s life crumble, when there was nothing I could do Ive seen the world’s last day, and its chasin right behind you Im from the 831 code; Northern Cali for real My lyrics are on a rampage and they aint afraid to kill I keep a big boat rockin, but the water so still I do whatever I wish, please, and do as I feel Imma small town boy, with infinite potential I keep my fists up high, and my lyrics so inferential Im a man of my word, I understand that im sentimental But imma stick to my abilities cuz to me they are essential
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