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  1. Man...she's all over the media! Love it and love her! I can't believe that her album was the top selling in the UK. It's going to do great in the US too. They're actually doing a special on her that's airing on December 13th. Here's a link to the article on it: Susan Boyle special!
  2. Yea I'm pretty curious too...But doesn't it seem like artists nowadays are trying to "remake" or become the "new" so and so? Like Chris Brown or Usher trying to be the next Michael (under the circumstance of Michael now, that may be a bad example), or Jordin Sparks trying to be the next Whitney Houston? I don't know...seems to be a common thing nowadays..
  3. So obviously you guys remember Johnny Cash right? Amazing legend - the guy is still winning Grammy's for christ sakes! I heard that this guy everlast has a new single for Johnny's "Radio" that will be a mash up cover of the Folsom Prison Blues. I found this video and I think his voice sounds good enough to make a johnny cash song, but what's with artist that always want to be "the next so and so.."? Let legends be legends, you know? What do u guys think?
  4. Anyone else a fan? My dad finds it weird that I'm a young girl and love jazz, especially Benny Goodman. I mean come on....Sing, Sing, Sing, Bugle Call Rag, One o'clock jump...man - he's amazing!! Anyone else like him?
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