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  1. For those of you who are entering the sweepstakes, in addition to the all expenses paid VIP experience, the winner also gets a glamorous makeover with celebrity stylist, autographed CDs and a bunch more, head over to the site for more info Who's entering?
  2. Well any case shes a beautiful girl and if you'd like to check out more about those "Girls Night Out" shows you can look at http://www.escada-fragrances.com for more info and updated info.
  3. Rhianna is so fierce, she works it on and off stage like no other! Her new super short haircut proves that she is absolutley gorgeous in every way! I just got the scoop that she's got some (hush hush) shows coming up!!! I work with Escada, and they are hosting 3 of her exclusive "Girls Night Out" shows march through april in Chicago, San Francisco, and NYC! I'm so jealous, I dont live in any of those cities, but hopefully the new Esacada perfume Moon Sparkle I just got will help me get over it! lol! Is she still dating Josh Hartnett btw?
  4. "Clueless" is also left out, but one of the best quotable movies ever!
  5. whaaattt?? I didn't know someone was working on a screenplay like this! Do you know if it's been green lighted for production?
  6. Hearinsteady


    Hey all! :) It's my first post and I've been listening to some old school metallica lately, so it inspired me to come talk about it, haha. I got Load when it first came out, but does anyone on here have re-load? I've been wanting to check it out for a waayyyy long time now :)
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