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  1. cole

    true story

    yea i have, were good now, we've had our share of tough times but whatever, i gotta move on, so yeah, this happened five years ago.
  2. cole

    true story

    one mornin i woke up and found my dad dead,he was red,covered wit blood on his motherfuckin head i screamed but no one heard, my mom was gone happy to be at work wat a whore suckin cocks while my someone had shot my pops i didnt do somethin cuz i couldnt move nothin i was scared where my mom at she not even here, just fillin her mouth with pubic hair, so i dialed 911 but they couldnt have patrol out i didnt kno what she meant so i just rolled out i ran to the police on my street and asked for help but why do white folks wanna help a 10 year old black kid out so they told me to leave while my dad was dyin at home so i just cryed and asked why god wants me to be alone so i looked up at the sky while i continued to cry then i ran back to my house and when i got inside i got some paper towels while my dad just sat still as if he was hollow i knew he was dead but i just kept tryin but after an hour i just layed there crying my head on his chest with tears soakin his shirt then my mom pulled up and that bitch was gonna hurt i ran up to her and started to yell she pushed me away and said go to hell she just went to the cabinet and grabbed some pills put em in her mouth and then she bailed she started up her car and left somewhere, i needed my mom but shes not here then i dragged my dad to the backyard where i layed him down on the only grassy part i wanted him comfortable even in death, cuz hes the only one that tucked me into my bed he worked so hard for me so i gave him a kiss, then when i looked up at the sky jesus gave me a lift i redialed 911 and they were gonna come so i ran out to the front and waited for them when they arrived i ran up to them and they followed me into the yard with a whole squad on deck and from that point on i took nothing for granted, i wondered if maybe my dad did
  3. cole


    hey man i feel erything u do, my mom passed away with cancer about two months ago
  4. thats really fresh, it reminds me of eminem
  5. Yeah uhh...little C...yeah rest in peace Pops (bridge) Uh, we got swoop on the boards, and C on the vocal chords yeah yeah yeah we got swoop on the boards, and C on the vocal chords yeah yeah yeah (chorus) my chevy lookin clean, on 24's bright blue body with the lambo doors got the beat knockin, yep hoes jockin swervin lane to lane, yeah im gettin pretty cocky throwin money out da window, o i think they like me instead hatin shawty u should try and do it like me yeah bounce like me, yeah, nigga, try and bounce like me (short verse) Im'a bounce cuz im gettin paid, im'a bounce cuz i got it made Im'a bounce cuz these hoes jock, o i think they like me cuz i got a 100,000 on da watch catch me in the back, me and my boyz stuntin on em catch me blowin perk and straight blowin blunts on em im young, rich, and white, all i do is count stacks u wanna get at me, bitch, just holla back smokin on some perk, then let ya shouldas work man add ya flava, long as u snap ya fingers first we in the a-town, man this is how it go do ya 1,2 step and rock back and forth man and let ya shoulda work, dont stop till ya fuckin shoulder hurt (chorus)
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