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  1. Dazzle Your Mind With Subatomic Particles In The Attic, Beware Of Your Marbles Split Electrodes And Watch The Light Strobe From The Dead I Arose As You Sat And Froze Hold The Globe On My Back, Computerized Like A Mac Positive I Attack To Bring That Old Thing Back Its Addictive Like Crack Hold This Sacred Jewel Because Now I Walk In The Realm Of Fools Drown In Pools Of My Blood To Keep Yourself Up Underground You Can See Cumulus Clouds Amplify The Sound As I Read Aloud Abhor Other People When You Fight With Yourself Unspoken Wealth Go Deep Within Myself I Go Stealth For My Spiritual Health With Absrtact Logic My Flows Melodic, Able To Be Irrelevant And Never Go Off Topic I Bounce On Stars To Shatter Pluto's Moons My Hand Froze As I Tried To Bring Doom Flooded Mars With My Sonic Booms Rest At A Lodge While I Took My Shrooms
  2. Add a myspace jukebox to your profile. TELL THE WORLD ABOUT SINGODSUPERIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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