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  1. Hi I just joined yesterday and noticed ur post. I found the lyrics for u. Not sure if u're still looking, but here they are.......Happy Holidays... Verse 1] I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler homey I got the product, narcotics for the customers homey Feins open they be smoking like a muffler homey niggas phoney so I only got a couple of homies If you a hustler I could, I could f**k wit you homey You spend a couple of bucks I stay in touch with you homey I get money I get 20 to K I got 20 strips although I'm 20 today I get cake from buds and haze I'm making dubs they hating cause I'm on the
  2. I have been searching for the lyrics to Yo Little Brother, by Nolan Thomas. I found them on a google search, only problem is, they aren't the real ones. I know this by listening to the song, when he sings "I came across a house with something going on, I looked in the wondow there was brother and his crew, and he was doing everything a little brother shouldn't do" after that I don't know what he's saying and it's not close to what the search said. Can someone help me with this? Thanks
  3. I wish I can get lyrics to this song.......I found some in search, but I know they aren't the real ones. How can I get them? posted in your other threaad
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