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  1. So if anyone is a fan of Everlast (or the Jam Master Awards), his performance on there is airing tomorrow night (Feb. 26th) on Current TV at 8pm on Ch. 366 (direct tv). Should be really cool. I wonder if he's going to performing this song.. Doubtful though because if tv won't air it, I doubt he'd be allowed to perform it...but I could be wrong? Also, he will be touring after his album comes out in April.
  2. If you guys like the song, fyi, you should check out the website www.martyr-inc.com. He's got some pretty cool stuff on there...different than most artists out there.
  3. So I'm curious as to what genre you think this song is? Rock or slow rock, alternative, indie? Not really positive..HELP! Thanks!
  4. Haha..hmm...do you guys need a room? =) Jk
  5. So did you guys watch his video? Is it the same stuff from his old stuff? Here's the YouTube link if it's easier...
  6. Wait, what do you mean by a straight face?
  7. I didn't post it twice. Beatking moved my post so it got posted twice...sorry!
  8. So if you go to his website and click on 'Video Player', you can watch his new music video for free! It's a pretty intense video, but the lyrics come from a real soldiers letter home to his family. Crazy! His website is http://www.martyr-inc.com
  9. Yea, I actually found his new website! http://www.martyr-inc.com. You can actually watch his new music video of his new single on there. Just go to the link and click on 'video player'. The video is pretty intense...I'm sure Bush is not a fan. I like it though!! What do you guys think?
  10. Do you guys remember Everlast? His music was pretty good back in the day, but it seems like years since he has released anything new. Has anyone heard anything about him lately?
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