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  1. Marty wasn't married to Rosanne Cash he is married to Connie Smith. I believe that your confusing him with Rodney Crowell........Both good artists and producers in their own right. Both of them are constantly reminding us of the original Country Music, instead of the crap we hear today......... slummy looking band, with long hair, playing fuzz................ oh yeah..............must be country .
  2. Rockabilly was in the beginning........ as was Blues, Rhythm and Blues and more. These were the true measures of Rock 'n' Roll. If you're interested in learning more, you can read my book... it's on the Internet....complete..... http://www.boxcarbook.com/ Setzer has been probably the largest promoter of the music and has contributed to many new forms and combinations in the last few decades. His influence came from Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran... who, like many Rockabilly artist's, died young.
  3. I would say the same thing. Actually, the first 4 songs were on Verve, a jazz label. The owner was friends with Rick's father, Ozzie... there was no contract. When the owner of Imperial heard this, he signed Rick up, and the rest is history.... If it wasn't for Rick, many of the younger and older singers of Rockabilly wouldn't be around today. They wrote for him. Johnny and Dorsey Burnette were working at the same Electric company as Elvis when they decided to go to California and write music.... Gene Pitney wrote many for him, as well.... His guitarist, James Burton, was one of the best in
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