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  1. H82typ

    Offensive Jokes

    The last time I had a piece of ass was when my fingers ripped through the toilet paper...
  2. That Congressman, Anthony Weiner? He's decided to run for President. He's picked as his running mate Attorney General Eric Holder. Get your Weiner-Holder bumper sticker, before they're all gone!
  3. [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='29 August 2010 - 03:04 AM' timestamp='1283061855' post='190566'] [img]http://www.beatking.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif[/img] [/quote]
  4. There's a hell of an echo in here...
  5. For what it's worth, one of my favorite Petty tunes is [I]"Night Watchman"[/i], those mentioned are all good though. :D I always thought he sounded like Roger McGuinn from the Byrds.
  6. Yeah, i'm never gonna bitch about my life again.
  7. *prays he makes it through*
  8. *gasp* Where'd you get that?
  9. I haven't been able to see the rest of this site. I've been stuck here for 27 pages!
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