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Everything posted by janett999

  1. oh no you wouldnt when you gotta go....you gotta go!
  2. hey , be greatful , it could have been a hellova alot worse! this site could have been hacked!
  3. Happy Birthday BK :) i hope to be here for 10 more birthdays !!!! great going guys....great site!
  4. well as long as im boppin....i might as well bump also
  5. i'll bop in now....doesnt that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside :) congratulations, this site has come a long way!
  6. janett999

    oh yes

    glad to hear that.... i just hope you stay that way :)
  7. p2pnet.net News:- Pink Floyd's Roger Waters is using the Net to promote two new songs. Streaming versions are on his web page.....http://www.roger-waters.com/ but To Kill The Child and Leaving Beirut won't be available from sites in the real world - that's to say on the p2p networks. Instead, they're being peddled through various corporate music sites supplied and supported by the Big Four record label cartel. (Tuesday 7th September 2004) http://p2pnet.net/story/2369
  8. Happy Birthday Joe :) i hope you have a happy and safe day! i know im a little early....but.... i wanted to be the first, because you are a hellova nice guy! Happy Birthday again....and i hope you nothing but much happiness! .
  9. uhh huh! got a pic to prove that? lol
  10. janett999

    posting an such

    lol im sure he could tho!
  11. janett999

    posting an such

    lmao geeze i'd hate to see what you would do if you didnt like me :P Posts: 1,307,686 Member No.: 5
  12. janett999

    posting an such

    I think her count was 129 so I put it back thats not funny ! lol and i thought you liked me :( lol
  13. janett999

    posting an such

    well at least you tried....thx
  14. janett999

    posting an such

    you wish! but.....does this mean i cant have "N\A" put in the place of my post count? or maybe set it up so i can put in what i want like "who cares" just a thought
  15. seems like alot of things happen in Florida.... maybe its time to move lol
  16. janett999

    posting an such

    cool can i have my post count read "N\A" most of you that know me, know exactly how i feel about post counts anyway! thx!
  17. janett999

    Visit my site

    bump :P it has potential, i like it but, im only a spammer
  18. im in the south now, but, im told, i sound like a New Yorker.
  19. this is not going to look very good on her resume'
  20. Congratulation hun hope you make 3000 more!
  21. awww what a shame :P j\k lol
  22. its a shame that someone this young, and with soo much good to share is taken from us! may his soul rest in peace! thx for the link to this koop.
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