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  1. NYE at Cargo Presents.....DFA vs Horse Meat Disco http://cargo-london.com/event/nye Cargo's not-so-secret love affair with Disco finds its ultimate expression in the biggest date on the calendar. The hottest New York City label, DFA, partner with London soul-mates Warm Collective to host Room 1, whilst the irreverent and always entertaining Horse Meat Disco mount a counter-attack of their own in a specially fitted second room. If you don't dance like a lunatic tonight you better check your pulse, try as hard as you may, you will not find a better Disco line-up this NYE. On the very rare occasions Holy Ghost! arrive on our shores, they leave behind them a trail of sweaty, blissed out people. Criminally overlooked in the UK, this dj pair know how to rock a party with their vibrant and positively uplifting brand of Rock tinged Disco. Brooklyn's Holy Ghost! are Nicholas Millhiser and Alex Frankel. The duo was originally part of the live rap group Automato whose debut was produced by DFA's James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy. Nicholas is also part of Juan Maclean's live band The Juan Maclean. Cargo is proud to have secured their talents for an extra long set this NYE. On the Night..... DFA Holy Ghost! (DJ Set) Jacques Renault House Meat Disco Jim Stanton James Hillard Warm Ali Tillet Rob Summerhayes Tickets On Sale Now.... http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb...interface=cargo See You There.........
  2. Click here for Info The Mysterious Five Easy Pieces crew go head to head with Italians Do It Better for a night of stripped down disco and rock. Five Easy Pieces have already surprised us with their varied and brilliant line-ups that have included Nite Jewel, New Look, O. Children, Gold Panda and more. And tonight they've gone and topped that with the excellent Glass Candy, Desire and A Mountain of One all playing LIVE. PART I – FIVE EASY PIECES VS ITALIANS DO IT BETTER Ever evolving, reinventing, ass shaking ushers of early death disco, Glass Candy have travelled from bare bones stripped down honky-tonk disco rock to equal parts digital and analogue, to synthesizer / drum machine heaven with a side of sexy bass and live drums. Always with a giant dose of visual stylized perfection. Johnny Jewel and Ida No have been quietly helming a disco revolution for the last 10 years. Their sound has been called 'Italo' and 'Smack Disco' and sees the dance floor as a place of majesty and mysterious elegance, not a sweaty graveyard of ‘Agadoo' and 'The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)'. This is due to Glass Candy's classic song writing and the archaic way of recording (Jewell only uses antique kit while No sings into a hand held mic). Much of B/E/A/T/B/O/X’s sound recalls Giorgio Moroder’s legendary work with Donna Summer and like Moroder, Jewell knows the best dance music has not only rhythm but edge and menace. ‘Digital Versicolor’ mixes ‘I feel Love’ with the theme from John Carpenter’s Halloween while No intones her deadly nursery rhyme-like lyrics over the top. www.myspace.com/glasscandy When Glass Candy was on tour last year, they stumbled into a foggy night club in Montreal and saw a woman singing an entire set of Jean-Pierre Massiera songs. Meet Megan Louis, the crystal clear tenor who sings in French and English over Desire's debut Lp, II. Completely blown away by her voice, Johnny Jewell decided to lock the doors on his Portland Studio and plant his roots in Montreal. ‘I had been working on music for an abstract project called Desire for over two years and was just waiting for the right singer to come along'. Last year the two toured the world as the critically acclaimed disco noir outfit Chromatics, also on the Italians Do It better imprint. 'We wanted to do a new project that had elements of what we were doing in Chromatics, but explore the sound and limitations of pop music'. Desire's music stands right on the line between indie pop and electronic dance music. Without making any promises to either camp, the group deliver the lush melodies and drums to keep everyone hooked. www.myspace.com/primitivedesire A Mountain of One have already been compared to Arthur Lee, Santana and Pink Floyd. Their songs, often 10 minutes long, are slow and meanderingly melodic and their ambition is to make the 21st century Dark Side Of The Moon. www.myspace.com/amountainofone Tickets will fly for this so grab yours here now LIVE: GLASS CANDY + DESIRE + A MOUNTAIN OF ONE DJS: MIKE SIMONETTI 7-12 £10 adv / £12 on the door ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ PART II- THE AFTERPARTY At midnight Cargo opens the doors for an afterparty to remember. The much talked about Niyi plays live, followed by a back to back set from Primary 1 and Riton. Pay what you want on the door... BIG! It is easy to forget the progress Niyi has made in the past six years. Shy and softly spoken, he isn't your typical rapper. After ... (more) dropping out of Central Saint Martin's (twice), he started the seminal club Gauche Chic which The Sunday Times said kick started the "New Rave" dressing up craze. The club was attended by the likes of Björk and Gareth Pugh. In 2005 this was the club to dress up in and be seen at. The word regarding Niyi's genre defying, tempo switching and generally odd style of djing quickly spread. Perfectly beat matching surf rock with hardcore-gabba, Niyi's anything goes approach to djing once even managed to clear the dancefloor at Fabric. However, his live sets, a kind of low-end crunk hip hop, are sure to satisfy the more discerning crowds. www.myspace.com/niyi Riton (French slang for Henry) is one very talented man. As a producer, Henry Smithson has released a lot of diverse material, from his well known singles on Get Physical and Souvenir to his new wave remixes of Datarock (Norway), Para One (France) and Simian Mobile Disco (UK). He's even remixed Justin Timberlake. Earlier in the year Riton got together with Primary 1 to concoct the dancefloor bomb Who's There? on Phantasy Records. Now they take their collaboration one step forward from the wheels of steel at the hallowed arches in Cargo. www.myspace.com/ritontime www.myspace.com/primary1 LIVE: NIYI DJS: RITON + PRIMARY1 (BACK2BACK DJ SET) + COUNT CHOCULA 12-3 Pay what you want* *50% of proceedings will go to Amnesty International Click here for Info
  3. Click here for Info Ah, Halloween, the time of the year we all wilfully pretend to ignore the fact this isn't even one of our own holidays just because we can dress up and act all eccentric. Well no one does eccentric like Cargo, and they are going to prove that tonight with a line-up that's bound to turn many heads. Inside out. Member of French hip-hop collective TTC and founder and head honcho of acclaimed label Institubes and its little sister Sound Pellegrino (dance music label of the year hands down), Teki Latex has been producing electro-infected hip hop and spinning the most forward thinking house music we've heard lately. Get ready to bounce! www.myspace.com/tekitek The Wire... unless you live in a cave in the Penines or you are effectively dead, you must have watched or heard about what is undoubtedly the best TV series ever created. As addictive as crack, as engaging as Sir David Attenborough at a dinner party, The Wire has been on everyone's lips for the past three years. So when the Cargo crew heard that the ultra-cool baddie Stringer Bell not only hails from Hackney but is also a badass dj, they didn't wait a second to get him down to play a set. On stage 10 pm sharp. you get me? Sheeeeeeeeeeeit. www.myspace.com/hevlar_recordings NME compared Teeth!!! to a cheeseburger because they are awesome, satisfying and probably not that good for you. With their playful brand of junk-punk, Teeth!!! will knock the proverbial teeth out of you if you aren't careful. To make this a distinct possibility Cargo are putting them in the middle of the dancefloor. So watch out. And pogo. www.myspace.com/teethdance 22 females on stage singing songs about Crows. That's Gaggle. London’s only sci-fi riot choir are unlike anything you've ever heard before. Menacing, enchanting, deeply satisfying, and utterly original. "They look like a bunch on nu rave pre raphelites if you can imagine that and they've all got these amazing technicolour cloaks on. They sound absoloutely wonderful on air but are something you want to experience live" LAUREN LAVERNE - BBC Radio 6 www.myspace.com/gagglespace Don't miss this! On djing duties tonight, a top notch selection of selectors in the shape of the Patchwork Pirates, Upset the Rhythm djs and Sexbeat Djs. Eccentric doesn't even cover it LIVE: TEETH!!! + GAGGLE DJS: Dj DRIIS aka "STRINGER BELL" + TEKI LATEX (SOUND PELLEGRINO) + PATCHWORK PIRATES + UPSET THE RHYTHM DJS + SEXBEAT DJS 7-3 PAY WHAT YOU WANT* *50% of proceedings go to Amnesty International Click here for Info
  4. Click here for Info Allez-Allez dixit: "After a year and half of wandering the city and beyond as djing minstrels we are extremely happy to announce we are starting a new residency from next month in the wonderful Cargo. Under the umbrella of the Kaleidoscope Caravan Club every 2nd saturday will see Allez-Allez take over the venue for our own night happily coinciding with our 3rd birthday. The fun kicks off on the 10th october will a stellar line-up including a Nathan Fake live set, a dj set from the ever wonderful Appleblim and off course our good selves. We are thrilled to be back running a monthly party and have many treats in store for future events. To make things even more exciting Cargo are continuing their recession busting ways by introducing a honesty box policy for saturday night - they are leaving up to you to decide how much to pay to enter the club, and 50% of the money goes to Amnesty International. So stick saturday the 10th october in your diary and starting thinking how much you'd like to pay for Nathan Fake, Appleblim and Allez-Allez!" LIVE: NATHAN FAKE DJS: APPLEBLIM + ALLEZ-ALLEZ 7-3 Pay what you want* *50% of proceedings go to Amnesty International. Click here for Info
  5. Click here for Info 2nd outing for Cargo's Kaleidoscope Caravan Club and the groundbreaking Honesty Box Payscheme. The deal is simple: you pay what you think the night's worth on the door, and half the money goes to Amnesty International. This week curating duties go to the mysterious Five Easy Pieces crew, and they couldn't have done a better job of it: a line-up that is exciting, ecclectic, and most importantly, great quality music. Just how it should be. "Nite Jewel is the alter ego of one Ramona Gonzalez". So starts this great interview in FACT Magazine with the brains behind this LA based trio, in which we learn how they hooked up with no pain in pop for the release of their LP Good Evening, why Nite Jewel only record on 8-track, and Ramona's various art side-projects. Nite Jewel's music is hard to categorise, which in itself is a good thing. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to pigeonhole their music the words electronica, disco, dreampop, and ambient would certainly be summoned, but Nite Jewel is much more than the sum of these parts. Check them out here, then come to their London debut gig and album launch for Five Easy Pieces at Cargo, and then go out and buy their album. The Golden Filter have remixed the likes of Cut Copy, Little Boots, Empire of the Sun, Polly Scattergood, and Peter Bjorn and John; so you can guess from the outset that they have good taste. Listen to their own productions, and the speculation turns into gold solid fact. Driven by punchy disco drums and driving disco basslines, and beautifully adorned by lovely chords and angelic girl vocals, their sound is not one you are likely to forget once you've set ears on it. Get ready for some utterly beguiling lo-fi disco action tonight. And we come to the all important peak time dj. You know, the one who has to effing smash it. And the honours tonight go to Parisian neon-electro producer slash dj Mikix the Cat. His releases on Trouble & Bass have been devastating dancefloors all accrossthe world. But these pale in comparison with his ridiculously energetic dj sets. You need to see to believe... and sweat like a bastard in the process. Often compared to The Field, Gold Panda makes dreamy glitch electronica from his bedroom studio. Drawing from a whole universe of influences, his music crosses boundaries and appeals to heads of all persuasions. Already chosen by Simian Mobile Disco and Various Production as tour companions, Gold Panda is one to watch. And watch him you can, tonight, at Cargo. Five Easy Pieces has a new resident dj. He goes by the name Count Chocula and has the best collection of wigs in the world. That's all we are allowed to say. LIVE: NITE JEWEL + THE GOLDEN FILTER + GOLD PANDA DJS: MIKIX THE CAT + COUNT CHOCULA + NOPAININPOP DJS 8-1 Pay what you want* *50% of proceedings will go to Amnesty International Click here for Info
  6. Tonight we launch the all-new Honesty Payscheme. The deal is simple: you pay what you think the night's worth on the door, and half the money goes to Amnesty International. We are happy to announce Magistrates have just confirmed an exclusive live show for this night! Alexander Robotnick has had a long and colorful history, including scoring films in the eighties and joining a world music troupe in the nineties, but he's most celebrated for his pioneering electro tracks such as ‘Problèmes D'Amour' from 1983. His energetic dj sets are the stuff of legend, one he is happy to extend at the tender age of A LOT. EXCLUSIVE ALERT! If you grew up in the '80s and had even the smallest of passing interest in music, particularly club music, chances are you were very familiar, albeit unwittingly, with the work of the legendary John Morales. On the radio, in the record racks and most importantly on the dancefloor John's work helped define an era and influence future generations of DJs, producers and artists with a slew of seminal disco re-edits for artists such as Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones, Spandau Ballet, Aretha Franklin or Jocelyn Brown to name but a few! This will be his first UK appearance in over 10 years, and that's A LOT! Neon Indian are a guy and a girl who make music via correspondence. One in Brooklyn, one in Austin. An elusive new project from composer Alan Palomo (Ghosthustler, VEGA), and, rumour has it, either one of the Telepathe girls or Lezza from Gang Gang Dance, Neon Indian deliver equal parts synthetic nostalgia, Dreampop lullabies, and grinding guitar noise to create something eerier than the sum of its parts. Forged after a hazy winter gathering in Texas, their music are the result of field recordings, record samples and a collection of bizarre synth sounds. Neon Indian's bedroom ballads have already forged the EP Psychic Chasms, released this summer. They've been compared to New Order, Future Bible Heroes, a sun-drenched MGMT, and most recently said to sound like a saw-wave cutting a Doobie Brother's song in half. Expect much racket to be had from this fresh faced crew. This will be their London debut, and that's A LOT. The Chap are an experimental pop band from London who play a mix of rock and pop with small quantities of almost every other genre thrown in for good measure. They're known for their energetic live shows which often end with exploding violins and cellos. In early 2006 they toured Europe to support their 2nd album "Ham" which gained much critical acclaim, including an album of the month in The Wire magazine. This will be a great chance to catch one of their very rare London shows, and that means A LOT. The French Horn Rebellion is Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. They grew up in Milwaukee, WI. There, as tiny tots, they learned how to shovel snow and build igloos. These skills became incredibly useful when they decided to take a magical trip to Antarctica. And one cold night, they made dance music that would make their booties shake so that they could stay warm. (They did it so well they ended up producing MGMT's first album). And that is how it came to be. Something something A LOT. Dj support on the night come courtesy of BBE's own boogie-licious Jesper Christiansen and Modular djs. No, I'm not saying it again. LIVE: MAGISTRATES + NEON INDIAN + THE CHAP + FRENCH HORN REBELLION DJS: ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK + JOHN MORALES + JESPER CHRISTIANSEN + MODULAR DJS 8-3 pay what you want* *50% of proceedings go to Amnesty International
  7. Click here for more information. Cargo presents Kaleidoscope Caravan Club. Starting on the 19th of September Cargo will introduce a novel approach to Saturday admission charges: the "Honesty Box Payscheme". Under this scheme, there will be no fixed cover charge on the door.* Rather, Cargo will let the punters decide how much the night's entertainment is worth to them. So who wins with the scheme? The short answer is: everyone. The punters will get to pay a fair price on the door, the bands will reap the rewards of their hard work directly from the fans, and Cargo gets to donate 50% of the total takings to a named charity of its choice (plus have a packed club every Saturday night, of course). Clearly such a scheme will rely heavily on having entertainment worth paying for. And that's where the Kaleidoscope Caravan Club comes in: a brand new Saturday night promotion brought to you by the team that have established Free Fridays as a London clubbing institution. Kaleidoscope Caravan Club aims to bring back the sparkle to Shoreditch's Saturday nights by hand-picking the most exciting bands and djs around. No filler. Such a ground-breaking scheme deserves to go off with a bang so there will be not one, but two launch nights: Saturday 19th of September 2009 LIVE: JOAKIM & THE DISCO + KELPE DJS: JOAKIM + THE INVISIBLE + NADIA KSAIBA + TIGERSUSHI DJS + 20JAZZFUNKGREATS Saturday 26th of September 2009 LIVE: NEON INDIAN + THE CHAP + FRENCH HORN REBELLION DJS: ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK + JOHN MORALES + JESPER CHRISTIANSEN + MODULAR DJS No lie. * Unless you are on the guestlist, in which case there will be a minimum donation, which will go to the charity in its entirety. Click here for more information.
  8. Click here for more details. Cargo and Karaoke present WHO IS LARRY TEE? A live DJ and band will be working together to create a new fresher sound. LARRY TEE, the flamboyant club promoter, producer and all round scene innovator, will be spinning big room electro rock and promoting his new album, Club Badd. Supporting the Danish electro master will be Tom Budiansky, Grime Kat and Backhaus. Together they'll be spinning out fresh disco tech, fidget house and big-room electro-rock for all you oversized personalities out there. IGNUG are a new pop-funk tronic band that combine a general mish-mash of industrialized synthesizers, keyboard beats and spacey love lyrics, seducing their audiences and keeping them moving until the very end. LIVE: LARRY TEE + IGNUG DJS: TOM BUDIANSKY + GRIME KAT + BACKHAUS + AOUT6 7-1 £8 advance/ £10 on the door Click here for more details.
  9. Click here for more details. The dance-punk enthusiasts at DFA Records, home to the likes of The Juan Maclean and Hercules and Love Affair will be staging their first official DFA Party since James Murphy (co-founder) curated Matter in Oct 2008. So you know what that means... that this is a night you definitely do not want to miss! Marcus Lambkin, aka Shit Robot, (the name arose from Murphy's pretty shitty/poor attempt to draw a robot), will be heading the night with his signature acid house and electro beats. His new and much anticipated 12" vinyl ‘Simple Things (Work It Out)' has been embraced with much love from those at Boomkat and Phonica, who claim his ‘steady heart-throbbing bass line and array of startling acidic sounds is an elegant yet gritty array of synthetic genius.' Not bad for an ex-cabinet maker, eh? Following will be the electro-tastic duo, Mock & Toof. Releasing ‘Underwater' last year with the DFA, the Tiny Sticks and M&T Inc. label founders unleashed a storm with this disco-pop track. Further upholding the DFA disco to dance-punk policy, Jacques Renault will take to the decks one more time, mixing up his unique sound to the needs of his audience. It seems he's not just a pretty face... And finally, Justin Miller will close the night with a seamless bout of tunes that will make you wish that everyday were a DFA PARTY! DJS: SHIT ROBOT + MOCK & TOOF + JACQUES RENAULT + JUSTIN MILLER 6-3 Free b4 11, £5 after Click here for more details.
  10. Click here for more details. Launched in 2006 as an attempt to get free records and jump queues, Slutty Fringe has grown wildly and uncontrollably ever since. Renowned for it's quality music, shabby journalism and bare bones style, the Fringe has somehow become the first port of call for many a clued up music lover seeking their next hit. Having spent the past twelve months travelling the world playing records, throwing their own roadblock parties in London, launching a record label and generally enjoying themselves a bit too much, the old blog was starting to look a little tired and in need of some love. To that end this Saturday you are cordially invited to Cargo for the launch party of Slutty Fringe 2.0. where kicking things off in the yard with a BBQ for all meat lovers, Slutty Fringe's John & Tony will be on hand to ease us into the night with a mix of tropical disco, yacht rock and generally smooth sounds before the action heads indoors for three bands guaranteed to rock your espadrilles. First among equals tonight is the wonderful Grovesnor, a man who sounds like Lionel Richie produced by Hot Chip, he's really that good. As a special treat tonight he will be playing alongside his brand spanking new 6 piece band. Next up are I Haunt Wizards, who might not have been born in the eighties but still do a good job of channeling the decade of fluoro toweling socks and deely boppers with their slick electro pop, and finally we have Brighton's smoothest sons Kinema, who sound like they learned their lesson well whilst serving as deck hands on Duran Duran's pastel coloured yacht. Finally kicking the night into overdrive we have two of the finest DJs to be found in all of London today, Trevor Jackson really should need no introduction as a producer, designer, DJ, or record label boss. from his seminal Output Label, through to his own releases as Playgroup or his iconic sleeves for the likes of Soulwax, he's done it all and at the highest of levels. Joining Trevor on the decks is the wonderful Leo Zero, sometime member of cult East End prog-psyche-balearic-disco masters A Mountain of One, and whose solo album 'Acid Life' is easily one of this summer's best new releases. LIVE: GROVESNOR + I HAUNT WIZARD + KINEMA DJS: TREVOR JACKSON + LEO ZERO 7-3 Free b4 11, £5 after Click here for more details.
  11. Click here for more details. From the producers of Britney's grammy-winning ‘Toxic,' Pontus Winnberg and Kristian Carlsson (aka Bloodshy & Avant) team up with American Andrew Wyatt as Miike Snow. The Swedish electro-pop group take inspiration from the sickly brilliant Japanese director, Takashi Miike and add an extra ‘i' to their name for that ever so necessary distinguishing mark (yeah no its not a typo...). Fortunately, however, they also distinguish themselves musically with a pleasing combination of harmonious melodies, electro beats and evocative, melancholic lyrics, making this new age pop group something definitely worth checking out. The Heavy are a curious band hailing from Noid, which is actually in Bath and not in some faraway, intergalactic space, who dare to cross all frontiers that exist in the music world, mixing up funk, rock, soul, indie, garage and punk to produce an eclectic and unique sound that surprisingly works and actually sounds really good. It sounds real good. Next are the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Need an explanation? Well my writing skills are no match for the adept Brachosaurus or the Carnotaurus Caudipteryx, so I guess I'll leave it to them... ‘RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH A time machine was sent back to just before all the dinosaurs went BOOOOOOOM!!! and died. horribly. and they said "RRAAAGH listen up future kids. we got the big tunes." and they sorted us out with a few dubplates. prehistoric dubplates made of granite. using the latest in free software the "big tunes" have begun to be uncovered and are ready for your listening. Listen.' And the world has indeed been listening... TEED have been playing non-stop at both shows and festivals alike since they recently released their EP ‘All in One Sixty Dancehalls' on Greco-Roman. They've already visited Cargo twice but seeing as these dinosaurs are not just your ordinary dinosaurs (they're totally enormous extinct dinosaurs!), we've invited them back as we, and most of the Homo sapiens race, just can't get enough of them. So its definitely worth coming down and seeing these prehistoric masterminds in the flesh (or better said, in their ridiculously genius suits) as their dance-electro grooves will also get you moving like its the year -160 000 000 000! DJing will be Tronik Youth spinning out disco, Goldierocks mixing up indie and electro and last but not least, Cargo's very own resident nosferatu ... COUNT CHOCULA! LIVE: MIIKE SNOW + THE HEAVY + TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS DJS: TRONIK YOUTH + GOLDIEROCKS + COUNT CHOCULA 8-3 FREE ENTRY Click here for more details.
  12. Click here for more details. Finally, The Juan MacLean's highly anticipated sophomore album. The Future Will Come, will be performed in London by the band presented by Magic and Medicine in association with Cargo. Unabashedly emotional, both in lyrically and musically, it's difficult not to let each song take over your head and body, turning you into the dancing, breathing robot Juan MacLean and Nancy Whang (of LCD Soundsystem) With the help of DFA label mates Gerry Fuchs (formerly of !!!) and Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel (Holy Ghost!), The Future Will Come features both 2008 club hits, "The Simple Life" and "Happy House", along 8 other blessed out tracks that are sure to soothe your soul in these trying times. If ever there was a musical act guaranteed to put a smile on your face, The Juan MacLean is it! In fact, so confident of their intent and ability to bring joy to the world, they actually called their latest dance jam "Happy House," which nobody could dispute. The track had music lovers and reviewers here and in the US "drooling like babies"( The Fader) and Pitchfork noting that the song's "dozen never-wasted minutes" were "happy and housey as all get out." The Juan MacLean recently released a remix EP for "One Day" (available both digitally and on vinyl), featuring remixes by Mark Romboy, The Emperor Machine and Surkin. LIVE: THE JUAN MACLEAN + SPECIAL GUESTS DJS: TBA 7-1 £8 advance And if you thought that was it... you would be very, very wrong! Click here for more details. The dance-punk enthusiasts at DFA Records, home to the likes of The Juan Maclean and Hercules and Love Affair will be staging their first official DFA Party since James Murphy (co-founder) curated Matter in Oct 2008. So you know what that means... that this is a night you definitely do not want to miss! Marcus Lambkin, aka Shit Robot, (the name arose from Murphy's pretty shitty/poor attempt to draw a robot), will be heading the night with his signature acid house and electro beats. His new and much anticipated 12" vinyl ‘Simple Things (Work It Out)' has been embraced with much love from those at Boomkat and Phonica, who claim his ‘steady heart-throbbing bass line and array of startling acidic sounds is an elegant yet gritty array of synthetic genius.' Not bad for an ex-cabinet maker, eh? Following will be the electro-tastic duo, Mock & Toof. Releasing ‘Underwater' last year with the DFA, the Tiny Sticks and M&T Inc. label founders unleashed a storm with this disco-pop track. Further upholding the DFA disco to dance-punk policy, Jacques Renault will take to the decks one more time, mixing up his unique sound to the needs of his audience. It seems he's not just a pretty face... And finally, Justin Miller will close the night with a seamless bout of tunes that will make you wish that everyday were a DFA PARTY! DJS: SHIT ROBOT + MOCK & TOOF + JACQUES RENAULT + JUSTIN MILLER 6-3 Free b4 11, £5 after
  13. Click here for more details. Well, the people at Modular Records have kindly saved you a very handsome sum this summer with the introduction of Recession, their FREE monthly party, but as the days get shorter and the nights colder, unfortunately its time for them to end... But on the bright side, they return to the stage for the final time with a line-up that will make you gasp! KIM (The Presets), JUNIOR BOYS (DJ SET), PLUGS (Live), MATT VAN SHE, MC GAFF-E (Live), MAGSWICH, MODULAR DJS and AGAR and some other special guests will all be there to drain the bar and fill the dance floor. Free entry, cheap suds, such a bargain you'd think it come with free steak knives. LIVE: KIM (The Presets) + PLUGS + MATT VAN SHE + MC GAFF-E DJS: JUNIOR BOYS + MAGSWICH + MODULAR DJS + AGAR 4-3 FREE B4 11, £3 AFTER
  14. Click here for more details. It's that time again! Cargo's Summer Yard Party has everything you'd expect in a good party: great live acts, top djs, and drinks specials*; and then some. This time we offer free candyfloss and popcorn until 9pm and live art painted in front of your eyes. Oh, and it's free to get in! So you know what to do... start preparing your excuses for arriving late to work the next day and come spend a memorable Wednesday evening with us! The Melodic Hip-Pop of Dan Black headlines our second Summer Yard Party. Drawing from Prince's Minneapolis Funk sound, Dan Black makes dance music that puts a smile on your face with his uplifting, beautiful songs - with strings that melt your heart and beats that move your ass. His new single Symphonies, incuding a Passion Pit remix, just came out and this is a great chance to catch Dan Black in London amidst his hectic festival summer schedule. If Mpho's Box n Locks single, released just days before the Yard Party doesn't make it to the Radio 1 A playlist we will eat our hats. And we own a lot of hats. Mpho, pronounced Mmm-Poh!, makes energetic electronic pop with a Brixton urban edge and has been singled out as one to watch by pretty much everyone. Check her out now so you can say "oh yeah, i saw her before she blew up"! In support are The RGBs. The RGBs are gorgeous, exciting, loud girls playing electronic power pop. This femrock outfit has played at pretty much every festival worth playing at in the UK in the past year and are a staple of the London electropop scene. Hosting the night will be the unstoppable Work It! djs, who with their throwback 90s R'n'B and New Jack Swing parties have been ramming the hippest East London venues in recent months. Diggity! * courtesy of Wray & Nephew and Plymouth Gin LIVE: DAN BLACK + MPHO + THE RGBs DJS: WORK IT! 8-1 FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT Click here for more details.
  15. Click here for more details. The Disco Bloodbath crew have played an instrumental part in fueling the disco revival currently taking London's nightlife by storm. From their base in Dalston - or rather bases, as the DB boys have an itchy ass - they have made a name for themselves as serious party promoters. Now extending their reach to include a series of re-edits and remixes for the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Little Boots, things are looking good for the good-time party kids. Come and share in their joy on Cargo's dancefloor! On the LIVE tip two relatively unknown (although not for long, we can assure you) bands: Phantom and the 1, 2, 3, 4s. Phantom have just been picked up by Young Turks, and so join fellow label mates The XX and El Guincho. Straddling the line between indie rock and new-wave their music is high in energy, catchy, and a hell of a lot of fun. Same goes for the Mancunian outfit The 1, 2, 3, 4s. Already on the ones to watch list for the BBC and being championed by the likes of Mark Lamarr, the 1, 2, 3, 4s' own brand of summer pop is adorned with playful melodies and catchy hooks, lush strings and cardiac drums, as seen at the Introducing stage at Glastonbury. On the decks, the much in demand Magistrates, Young Turks djs, and Rene from Wonky Pop. And BBQ in the yard from 7pm... Smashing. LIVE: PHANTOM + 1,2,3,4s DJS: MAGISTRATES + DISCO BLOODBATH + YOUNG TURKS + WONKY POP 7-3 Free b4 11, £3 after Click here for more details.
  16. Mmm…. @ Cargo, 21/06/2009 Mmm... presents a series of free Summer parties made with love for crate diggas, beat makers and music lovers... For more info, click on flyer. Mmm… @ Cargo… DRINK AND FOOD OFFERS BBQ (weather permitting) FREE WIFI Hip Hop… Soul… Funk… Rare groove… Mmm... Is an event about dj's being able to come and play the music they want to play.. rather than the tracks they feel they have to drop.. just for the crowd.. We all love party sets.. but sometimes dj's should be able to play the music they feel they can't normally play out.. And in turn.. we get to hear sets we wont here any where else.. in Cargo's yard.. on Sunday afternoon's.. with our friends.. and other like-minded people.. And if it rains (which it probably wont).. we just take everything inside.. and continue there.. Spinning for us are some of the finest dj's and crate diggers in London playing a selection of Hip hop, Soul, Reggae, and generally all the good stuff. Expect to hear old skool records from the past mixed along side the forward thinking producers of the future. At Mmm... We treasure vinyl... but embrace technology. Last years djs included.. Dj Odin, Alexander Nut, Spin Doctor, Dj Lok, Patchwork Pirates, Sativo and Mr Thing who jumped on the decks one time while passing through..!! Yum.. DJ : SPIN DOCTOR (Doctors orders) + ALEXANDER NUT (Rinse fm) + DJ RAGS (Livin' proof/ ill commotion) + DJ LOK (Stacked) + SHEPDOG (Nice up/ digga please) + SPECIAL GUESTS 1pm-6pm FREE ENTRY !
  17. Free Fridays: Valerie Launch Party @ Cargo, 19/06/2009 For more info, click on flyer. The Valerie Collective is not just a music blog - it is a group of like-minded DJs and musicians from the West of France that fuse authentic 80s synths with modern indie/electronica. They sound like Daft Punk doing an '80s movie soundtrack... their tracks are startling in their consistency, mood and feel; they offer a sense of a time that never existed, but we all somehow understand... a future that once seemed possible. Their retro/futuristic artwork (by The Zonders) sums it up nicely. There are several artists under the collective's umbrella, (including College, Anoraak and Russ Chimes - all of whom will be performing, plus their friends Fear of Tigers). This will be official launch party for their eagerly awaited first compilation - and the buzz is out. LIVE: RUSS CHIMES + ANORAAK + FEAR OF TIGERS + TESLA BOYS DJS: COLLEGE + RUSS CHIMES + ANORAAK 6-3 FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT
  18. Yard Party @ Cargo, 24/06/2009 For more info, click on flyer. Cargo's Yard Parties have become the stuff of legend (the infamous type). A combination of top name djs, ace live bands, discounted Champagne cocktails*, an enviable decked yard with Live art being created right in front of your eyes, and delicious ice cream specials make this one of the hottest tickets in town. Only there are no tickets. It's a first come first served affair with no cover charge and no dress code. Yes, it's a pre- Glastonbury free-for-all with the Horse Meat Disco djs, Adam Freeland and Plugs gearing up ahead of their Glasto shows amidst a pool of Champagne. So plan ahead and start thinking up good excuses not to go to work the next day because these Yard Parties at Cargo do tend to be a lot of fun. Horse Meat Disco have become a London institution through their love and appreciationofo Disco music in all its forms. The brainchild of James Hillard and Jim Stanton via the inspiration of New York nightlife legend Adam Goldstone (RIP), the idea was to create an alternative party that harped back to the halcyon days of parties like The Loft in New York whilst at the same time adapting it for a London crowd. Listen to the upcoming Horse Meat Disco mix here! If Plugs' single, which happens to be Filthy Dukes' label Kill Em All's first single release, "All Them Witches" isn't one of the best electro/pop tracks released in recent times I will eat my hat. And I really, really hate eating hats. Check it out here. The trio, fronted by sometime Does It Offend You, Yeah? singer Morgan Quaintance plays at Cargo for the first time and we can't tell you how excited we are to have them play at our Yard Party. While he may not be a household name, Adam Freeland is a legend in the world of electronic music with a host of releases under his name and several classic compilations (Fabric Live, Back to Mine). Credited with bringing to the forefront the Nu-Skool breaks genre, Adam Freeland bridges the gap between electronic music and rock with ease, making a particularly dark strain of dance music that is still accessible for the many. Tonight will be a great chance to listen to material from his new album Coma TM played live at Cargo. But first on, and setting the stage for things to come are French Indie Pop band Koko Von Napoo, a three-girl-one-boy combo who will bring to us their unique sound referencing Felt, ESG and John Mauss. And we can't think of a lovelier way to start proceedings. LIVE: FREELAND + PLUGS + KOKO VON NAPOO DJS: JIM STANTON & JAMES HILLARD LIVE ART: DEP! 8-1 Free Entry
  19. Click on flyer for details. Brownswood recordings, Gilles Peterson's musical home base, teams up with Peggy UNLTD for a series of Summer parties at Cargo. The Summer Bubblers nights are to showcase the freshest talent inhabiting the left of center regions in the world of contemporary Pop, Soul and Hip Hop. The first installment of the night casts its net in the direction of NYC, and the vocal talents of rapper Melo-X as well as the deep crates of the Midnight Rockers Express crew. Welcoming them to our city, soulstress extraordinaire Rox, beatmeister Seiji and Get Me! founder Lixo will act as their knowledgeable guides. Their collective talents will definitely not be lost to us. From a very eraly age Rox has been home-schooled in the art of singing by a very musical family. Rox tells of family gatherings that would often end with with all the older generation singing old gospel songs with about 10 different harmonies. No wonder then that from as young as 5 Rox became obsessed with harmonies and how they could colour a melody. This obsession of hers pushed her to study the art and techniques of the most accomplished singing voices in the field. When a singer names Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Sade, Mahalia Jackson, Portishead, Common and Rufus Wainright as musical influences you know someone's been doing their homework. And boy does it show. Rox writes songs from the heart and delivers them from her soul with a vocal range, both in style and execution, that is simply mind-blowing. - Recognising this, Rough Trade have just signed her to their ilustrious label. - At times understated and intimate, others positively festive, Rox has the power to move both your mind and body with just her voice. Why she isn't a house-hold name yet is anyone's guess; as far as we are concerned, Rox is a star. Maybe it's something in the air. Or maybe even in the water. But there definitely is something slightly spooky about the rivers of talent currently flowing from the NYC borrough of Brooklyn. One of the many voices making waves States-side and currently vying for our attention in the UK is that of singer slash song-writer Melo-X, Theophilus London's partner in crime during his latest European tour. Poet, composer, modern day Casanova, Melo-X is all this and then some. Proud of his art and meticulous with his craft, Melo-X is surrounding himself with the best New York has to offer. His latest track "Let It", produced by Machine Drum, is next level ish of the highest order, and we can't wait to see him plying his trade from the hallowed stage at Cargo. Seiji did his electronic music apprenticeship as a Drum & Bass Producer/Artist recording for the seminal Jungle/Drum & Bass label Reinforced. He was a founder member of Bugz in the Attic where they set up a studio, a label and carved out a strong reputation, both individually and collectively, as top remixers and underground electronic Artists. They also jointly ran the legendary Sunday club night/institution, Co-Op. Seiji left Bugz in 2007, since then he has worked with Roisin Murphy producing and co-writing much of her album, "Overpowered", including the single of the same name. He has also individually remixed Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Frankmusik, Jazmine Sullivan and released a compilation of his remixes on BitaSweet. We are discovering nothing new by inviting Seiji to the first Summer Bubblers but in exchange we are getting assured value for money and guaranteed heat on the dancefloor. The Midnight Rockers Express is a collective of DJs and producers from New York City whose creative output includes a mix series, a blog site, edits and versions and a sound system. The MRE's featured DJs span three generations and are a true representation of the city's musical fabric. They include Carlos Ramos who began DJ'ing as a teenager in the 70's playing disco at nightspots in the Bronx. Uptown's Elijah All-City gave up his spray cans for turntables as a teenager after his mother took him to see Frankie Crocker of WBLS play records at Bond's Disco in Times Square. He earned his stripes on the downtown party scene in the early 90's where he and a young cast of DJ's including Funkmaster Flex and Mark Ronson. The MRE's youngest DJ is GetLive who came up in Queens on the b-boy scene and through turntablist battle sessions (he was BET's 106 + Park Battle DJ Champ in '05). His skills as a live DJ have seen him rock in clubs and on-stage with Blaqstarr, Benji from Good Charlotte, Theophilus London, Blu, Wale and AOK. GetLive will be representing the MRE sound at Cargo on his way to a headlining DJ set at the Open Air Festival in Switzerland. A good party cannot be complete without a solid dj warming up proceedings, and they do not get any more solid than Lixo, the founder of West End dj collective Get Me!. Lixo has shared turntable duties with a host of djs and artists including Prancehall, Kode 9, Seb Chew, The Heatwave, Young Turks, Mumdance, Little Boots, Cocadisco, Dances With White Girls, Isa GT, The XX, Holy Fuck, Sinden, and A Skillz. LIVE : ROX + MELO-X DJS : SEIJI + MIDNIGHT ROCKERS EXPRESS + LIXO 8-3 £10 adv ,£6 b4 9, £12 after Click here for details BONUS: You can download an exclusive Summer Bubblers mix by the Midnight Rockers here. Enjoy!
  20. Free Fridays : Lovebox Weekend Warm-Up Party @ Cargo, 12/06/2009 For more info, click on flyer. Talk about the best club nights in London will undoubtably include mentions of Horse Meat Disco, Disco Bloodbath and Secretsundaze. And tonight we have representatives from all three! Any time these guys throw a party you know it's going to be a roadblock, so to have residents from all three playing under one roof is nothing short of insane and makes early arrival not so much recommended as mandatory. Où Est Le Swimming Pool? , when not walking around town towel in hand looking really confused make enthralling electro/pop music inspired by the likes of the Pet Shop Boys or Yazoo. Despite their partially francophone name and having a fanatical following in France, Où Est... hail all the way from Camden Town and are the perfect choice to headline the Lovebox weekender launch party: local, young and exciting. The Edinburgh based three-piece Young Fathers have just confirmed they'll be supporting Simian Mobile Disco in their European tour so you just know they are going places, and not just physically. But before they embark on the well deserved trip to fame and fortune they'll be bringing their refreshingly energetic brand of Hip Hop to Cargo. Imagine if Q-Tip had his sound perverted by Spankrock and you start to get the picture of what these guys sound like. Don't believe us? Then see and listen for yourself here. To round things up the Lovebox All-Stars and the two Collins from The Fly - who will be curating a tent at the festival - will warm things up nicely on the ones and twos. LATE ADDITION: magician Spencer Wood, winner of the "Close-Up Magician Of The Year Award" added to the line-up. LIVE: OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL? + YOUNG FATHERS DJS: JIM STANTON (HORSE MEAT DISCO) + DISCO BLOODBATH + JAMES PRIESTLEY & GILES SMITH (SECRETSUNDAZE) + THE FLY + LOVEBOX ALL-STARS MAGIC: SPENCER WOOD 6-3 FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT
  21. Five Easy Pieces @ Cargo, 6/06/2009 For more info, click on flyer. 5 Easy Pieces is a club night curated by the fine folk at Cargo which for its primer brings together 5 acts designed to fit smugly together like the pieces from the easiest puzzle ever made. Each piece represents a distinct style of house and electro music; but put them together and you have a mother of a no-nonsense, good, honest dance music party. And for virtually nothing. Nacho Lovers began their production lives as a duo in Toronto remixing a track for their good friends Jokers of the Scene. Since then they have become a hit as both remixers and djs and have as a result been picked up by the Fool's Gold label. Their dj sets are sample-heavy tech house, somewhat bootleg, with a plethora of tracks that have no chance in hell of getting legal clearance and plenty of nods to the 90s New York House scene. It's unpretentious, uncompromising dance music; but above all it's a lot of fun and perfect for a late night Saturday romp. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs dont go by unnoticed. It's not because of their genius monicker; not even because they dress up in costume (one as a dinosaur, the other... we aren't sure what he dresses up as actually), but because of their direct approach to pop music. Their live set consists of 100% own productions, taking all that is good in pop music (catchy melodies, clever hooks, cheery choruses) and adding basslines so punchy that they'll rattle your midriff if you stand too close to the speakers. In a good way. With their debut ep coming out on June 15th as Greco-Roman 's 5th release (their last one was Drums of Death, and look at how he blew up!) and a track in the "10 tracks you must hear this week" on NME, you can expect to hear this name more and more in the future. Don't sleep. Cargo residents Count Chocula & Joey2Tits never fail to rock the party at our infamous birthday and yard parties. It was only natural that we'd let them loose on a Saturday night. Expect the latest hype releases with a smuttering of classics. West London party staple crew Get Me! will round off proceedings with another fine selection of Boom-bap, New Jack Swing and Electro gems thrown in for good measure. LIVE : TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS + SECRET SPECIAL GUEST DJS: NACHO LOVERS + GET ME! + COUNT CHOCULA + JOEY2TITS 7-3 Free b4 11, £3 after
  22. Free Fridays : Trouble Vision @ Cargo, 5/06/2009 For more info, click on flyer. Corsica Studios, Solid Gold and Free Fridays at Cargo present Trouble Vision. Since the launch of Trouble Vision back in September, things have come along way, and there have been some fantastic sets from the likes of Rusko, Noze, Zomby, Toddla T and Joker to name a few. So over the summer Team TV have decided to take what has become a South London institution on holiday. Topping the bill we have THE GENTLEMAN's DUB CLUB . This nine piece live dubstepping, ska and dub ensemble have been tearing up dance floors across the country and beyond for a few years now. Their debut EP has just been released on Ranking Records, and their tour diary is chocka-block. We look forward to them tearing up our summer special. www.myspace.com/gentlemansdubclub THE CORRESPONDENTS ( have come along way since they last graced Trouble Vision (at the launch party last year.) Their unique brand of swing with a contemporary twist; ("the Big Band sound of the 20s and 30s is revamped for the 21st Century") has turned many a head, reflected in their extensive gig list, and, they were said to have been the highlight of The Secret Garden Party last year. www.myspace.com/thecorrespondentsmusic Gracing the decks we have something very special: DJ MK vs. PHOTOMACHINE across 4 Decks promises to be nothing short of spectacular. The hip hop veteran, Kiss FM DJ, and Roots Manuva's Tour DJ, MK will be bringing the heat against the mysterious Photomachine. With remixes for Yo Majesty, Speech Debelle and lots more under his belt Photomachine has been churning out some phenomenal productions all with his tailored afrobeat come UK Funky stylings. www.myspace.com/deejaymk www.myspace.com/thephotomachine Next up is house music's most promising producer of the moment, SOLO. With releases dropping on Jesse Rose's Made To Play, Claude Von Stroke's Dirtybird and Mowgli's Dead Fish imprints, its fair to say that Solo is finally getting the recognition that his infectious tribal beats deserve. www.myspace.com/thedrunksolo Last but not least, Trouble Vision residents SOLID GOLD & PARK RANGER and THE BOOG-A-LOO CREW will be providing some healthy DJ support, dropping the freshest house, hip hop, dubstep, funky, techno and anything else that seems appropriate. www.myspace.com/intothefraydj www.myspace.com/tbalc LIVE: GENTLEMAN'S DUB CLUB + THE CORRESPONDENTS DJS: DJ MK VS. PHOTOMACHINE + SOLO + SOLID GOLD & PARK RANGER + THE BOOG-A-LOO CREW 6-3 FREE ENTRY!
  23. Free Fridays: Beardyman’s Battlejam @ Cargo, 15/05/09 For more info, click on flyer. Battlejam is back! The format is simple. Beardyman, with his notorious beatboxing mouth and JFB with the aid of Serato Scratch-Live mash up live samples from the guest musician, MC, DJ or from the crowd either en-mass or individually and make a tune out of it - live before your very ears. No one knows what's going to happen until it does at Battlejam, not even the performers themselves. Battlejam is a bit of genius, a bit of crazy, a bit of hi tech musicianship and a hell of a lot of fun. LIVE: BEARDYMAN + GUESTS DJ: JFB + GUESTS 6-3 FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT
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