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  1. Watchmen (Trailer)

    This seemed okay in IMAX.
  2. Scott Storch's Collapse

    Yep. Not like I listen to much of what is out there today musically but I'm sure if his return is good enough it'll find it's way to me. :)
  3. Scott Storch's Collapse

    I'd like for him to make a comeback. He's still a good producer, despite being totally stupid out of the studio.
  4. Scott Storch's Collapse

    Link This is so typical. A few years ago I called it when I saw him in a magazine after buying his million dollar house in Florida. It's a shame too because he could make good tracks when he put his mind to it and not repeat his other melodies and themes. Real shame. Maybe he'll grow up and make a comeback in a few years with a new style. I also knew this guy was a kook when he threatened to kill himself if Lil Kim didn't marry him.
  5. The Dark Knight Opens This Week

    saw it twice. once in imax once in a reg theater. great movie. only batman movie i ever really liked
  6. Happy Birthday Kooperman & RiseOfTheValk !!!

    man im not even looking at that, lol
  7. Happy Birthday Kooperman & RiseOfTheValk !!!

    They look so happy. B)
  8. Miley Cyrus' email hacked!

  9. Happy Birthday Kooperman & RiseOfTheValk !!!

    thats a mix of reagan and jabba the hutt...ill take it though
  10. Happy Birthday Kooperman & RiseOfTheValk !!!

    i demand a cake in the shape of john mccains head
  11. Happy Birthday Kooperman & RiseOfTheValk !!!

    thank you thank you and happy birthday kooperman
  12. Major Political Changes in the USA

    The problem is that the idiots controlling them(They're both Federally run, what a surprise)kept on giving loans out to people with no income. And then when things go downhill, they use tax payer money to bail out shitty businesses. I'm glad it happened, honestly. The Fed, as much as I don't like it, was built for this reason(bail out bad business deals in times of uncertainty). They're going to work it out to where none of these companies are going to be able to have a safety net under them anymore again. You screw up, you pay the price.
  13. Major Political Changes in the USA

    This whole thing was dumb. If the economy were sounder I would say let these banks fall flat on their faces. But at least now Henry Paulson can make the changes he wants without being interrupted.
  14. In the past they used green and brown. Independents would probably choose gray, heh. Then this would look weird - picture
  15. I actually haven't heard a single firecracker today. Maybe it's the rain.