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    by Ironknee Hark! Despair! With so much in just one day, It’s so unfair, but they never care If I ever get out to play. Oh, no, no, Oh my gosh, oh please! They just don’t know How hard a blow It is to work for D’s
  2. “THE SEA” ©2007 (v1) A trading ship, treading sea, catch the wind no colder Crafty wind, no craft could sail, was soon to be no floater “Hands on deck”, the mates did yell, “The Davie Jones is bringing hell”. The memory was left to swell up upon the beaches….. (ch) Hoping for the face, she knew would never come In a love that should have lasted centuries The world he set to sail longing for her touch Standing on the beaches of her memories (v2) Time has come and time has gone, no time these wounds could heal Although it’s been so many years, these wounds weren’t cut with steel Her love was bound to loving he His was bound to the open sea No mortal love was meant, for she had always been the sea…… (Repeat Chorus / End) Notes: Haunting, Introspective, Folk genre, in the key of Am
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