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    AFL footy, Carlton supporter. yes we have a glass case of shiny trophys AND a nice collection of wooden spoons.<br /><br />Car enthusiast, UC 1978 Holden toraaaana! widended tray, v8.<br />Gambling, you name it ill play it. craps, poker + pool and roulette.<br /><br />Comedy, All types, witty humour.
  1. COREY

    AUS HardCore

    Thanks buddy, im glad to be here.
  2. COREY

    AUS HardCore

    Australian Hardcore An update on the little known scene By COREY, Proud BeatKing Member 1.) A little about me 2.) Introduction 3.) What is HardCore? 4.) Australian HardCore 5.) A Little band list 6.) Conclusion Chapter 1.) A Little on me :rolleyes: Hey BeatKing, im Corey and i hail from Down Under (Australia), i enjoy many things. Music is one of my Fronts and i listen to all types of music, but generally enjoy anything Hardcore or punk/pop. i am a fan of riffage and shredding on guitar as thats what i do best! im not really opinionated and i tend to listen to peoples opinion first then reply agreeing or disagreeing whislt providing points of my own. How did i find BeatKing? well in answer to that, i was surfing the net and came across these forums, I, at first read the news on the front page and was impressed by the news updates. (great work mods!) EDIT: Found a Picture Chapter 2.) Introduction Now onto the important stuff, This thread will be informing the BeatKing Community on the Sub Genre of Hardcore. Particularly the Australian alternate. I will Continue to update, Maintain and Continue to provide a brighter onlook on the Hardcore Genre. Chapter 3.) What is HardCore? Hardcore is a a reletively new genre, it is basically when metal artists and punk rock artists fused the sounds of the music they are so used to playing into one joined new sound, it has metallic riffage, and fast punk like beats and palm muting. (placing the palm on your hand on the bridge of your guitar to give the sound that your guitar normally makes a more grungier sound.) It has many branches off the genre, such as Punk/Hardcore which is, more punk like than the aforementioned style. Post/Hardcore, which is a more distant much much more political view on the genre. and Straight Edge Hardcore, A more fast, intense and life filled genre of the hardcore scene also one of the most common. Chapter 4.) Australian HardCore Now onto the main update i would like to educate you people here at BeatKing on, and that is Australian Hardcore. What makes Australian Hardcore so different? Well, its the attitude, values and live experience that makes up a great hardcore show, and Australian Hardcore bands do just that, they are more interactive with the Crowd then most international bands i seem to find. Its also not a mainstream music type (like all hardcore) and isnt recognized in popular music standards. It encourages the whole "Bros before ho's" (mates before chicks) thing and the music is closely put together through mateship. FACT: Most Australian Hardcore bands are recognized through the international postal code (613-Melbourne,618-Adelaide ect..) i have seen people with tattoos at shows that read "613-Melbourne Hardcore" on their legs or back ect... Chapter 5.)A Little Band List Here is a section, in which you can hear some of the bands Australia has to offer, And also the many sounds of Hardcore. i will continue as soon as i get home.
  3. if you know how to use it wisely, and not to the point where you become one sided and biased like some people buddy :happy:
  4. haha yeah, living in mexico somewhere with a fake name and new id. :happy:
  5. I personally would recommend looking into novembers doom, opeth or if its classic metal, metallica or led zepplin for an alternative. www.purevolume.com/metallica - i think may have it www.myspace.com/metallica - try here or search using the find music button for fan sights. other than that, i dont think i could help you as the death genre is not what i usually listen to.
  6. Depends on what you class as 'nu metal' because, limp bizcuit (or whatever) was once classed as 'nu metal' but now it seems like bands like Slipknot and such are the new bands to fill the genre. p.s no need to be rude or anything, but Static X are more or less, Alternative/rock.
  7. COREY


    Rammstein have agressive like lyrics, and are very sick in their ways (watch the song buch dich live on youtube), a friend of mine, Dr.S (who is also on these forums) recently found a band that are the english equiverlent of them, they are DeathStar- the vocals are very very similar.
  8. Dragonforce are without doubt one of the best shredders in the world, Herman Li (i think) has won best shredder for like 3 years in a row now. watch the solo in "through the fire and flames" it will, wow you past extreams.
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