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  1. He probably was super angry then. I would never want to break a golf club I bought for $500 or more. If you are looking for a good golf club, I recommend you look at this collection. It is one of the amplest ones I’ve seen on the Internet ( https://greenvalleyccofri.com/gear/clubs/). If you choose one of these, you will probably not make a mistake. They all are good, and the only difference is the gaming style and price. You don’t need to buy a club for thousands of dollars to play better than average. If you train long enough, you will not even need all the features that the expensive clubs offer.
  2. Who is that? He’s not even a celebrity. Why do people follow him? Is he that interesting? I want to get to a dentist too, but they are too expensive, and I have to save money to afford braces. My teeth are horrible now, even though I brush them twice daily. So now I save money to install braces at thehealthysmile.net because it’s the best clinic in town, and I trust them more than the others. Also, my good friend works there, and he told me they would give me a little discount which is cool and very sweet. I hope that this September, I will have braces already in my town.
  3. Facebook messenger requires a Facebook account whereas with WhatsApp you can just insert your number to get started. The best part is WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption which makes it more private and safe. On the other hand, Facebook encrypts messages by default from the sender to its server
  4. I have never heard about any of these clubs and apps. Thanks for the suggestions! I want to have a really good vacation this year because I could not afford any in the last two years. I want to go to Europe, and I will spend at least 3 or more months there. It will be a long after-graduation trip that I intend to manage alone. I want to see how people live in other countries and learn to communicate and get out of trouble without involving family or friends. I have already booked some tickets on dbfahrplan.com and can’t wait to travel between Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. It would be great to find a job in one of these countries and earn more money for the trip.
  5. Great. Living in Leeds doesn't make it a wise decision to rely on solar power too much. This one would be a great addition though. I wish I had the lack of my friends in the USA and specifically the ones that live in Samui. They have solar panels on top of their homes and they say thousands of dollars every year while I get to pay more and more for gas and electrical bills are just going higher every year here. They were both think about this service they had buy a1solarstore.com and their crew. They didn't even pay half of the price that other companies charge and I'm top of that it was done in a couple of hours and it was ready to go. If a service like this appears here in Leeds I will definitely call them to have this new type of solar panels installed.
  6. The housing issue has always been relevant for the residents of our country. Although the real estate market offers a large selection of apartments, finding housing can be difficult. It has been my long-standing dream to purchase a house. Therefore, I contacted Mortgage Advice York last month. Btw, people often try to save money on buying apartments and search for an inexpensive option. However, these houses are often demolished, or the pipes are rotten in the building. Thus, the money saved on the purchase is spent on repairs.
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