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  1. The one to watch out for is pre-calculated interest. It's where they calculate the interest then put it into the principal at the beginning of the loan. That way it is impossible to pay it back without paying every cent of interest. If you are late tho fees get added in. Edit: both of these things ""pre-calculated"" in the apply to future payments are often hidden. You may have seen it but unless you recalculated the loan on your own you can't see it. I am a financial nerd now partially because of things like this. I just had to know how it worked. I recalculate any loan I am a part of. For me better way was here https://usnetloan.com/title-loans/utah/
  2. Bruh, Amazon is making money out of everything they can. There’s nothing bad about that, but still, it makes me sick. Also, I think this will encourage brands to use TikTok influences to advertise their production. This will lead to the market being flooded with bad and low-quality products that otherwise would not have gained any attention. Money decides where you will spend your money. At the same time, of course, this platform can be good for small brands or local businesses with more possibilities to promote their products. For example, my good friend has just graduated from a nail technology program on nwcollege.edu and is looking for new customers. I advised her to use TikTok more extensively, and we will see whether it will help.
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