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  1. The NEW Echoes Hub RoIO Database to allow you to find concert recordings, download Front and Rear Cover Art, Checksum Files (MD5/FFP), and read the text file that was written for that show by the taper/seeder. As of October 17, 2008 our listings boast over 3000 recordings from a few hundred bands - just a fraction of what Echoes Hub has available for download at all times. We are giving you the keys, the site is free and we want you to take it for a test drive (Just bring the car back). Please keep in mind that Echoes Hub RoIO Database was introduced just a few weeks ago and we have just begun to enter shows! So if you do not see your favorite bands listed just give it time. It's not an easy feat individually entering 100 TB! The main page for the Echoes Hub RoIO Database is located at http://www.echoeshub.com/recordings/ however it is searchable throughout the entire site in the top header section. Searchable fields: Band/Artist, Date, RoIO Title, Venue, City, State, Country, File Format (in any order or combination separated by spaces). The RoIO search is also available in Echoes Hub as well. Just type ' +search field field field ' in main chat and the results will be sent to you via private message from our BOT. Searchable fields: Band/Artist, Date, RoIO Title, Venue, City, State, Country, File Format (in any order or combination separated by spaces). The Echoes Hub RoIO Database already has become an integral tool for your optimal downloading experience - diminishing or even eliminating problematic downloads by having all the pertinent data available at your fingertips. Make an informed decision before downloading any show from the net! If you notice any incorrect information, any spelling errors, or functional errors within the Database, please contact us ASAP so we can fix it accordingly. Special thanks to gnutsiel for creating the jump page and optimizing the search. Thanks to access for assisting with the Hub +search and for motivating Marooned to dig deep inside of himself to create the most Interactive RoIO Database on the Internet. Without them this project would not have had the chance to reach it's importance to the trading community so soon. Cheers! Database Commands from Echoes Hub: +search +db_entries +db_top25bands +db_top25venues +db_top25cities +db_top25states +db_top25countries - Marooned
  2. Hi, You won't need anything to start trading with us. We will happily share our recordings with you and work on the honor system that you will share them back after you download. The more people sharing the faster the download go. We don't share mp3 because the top end of the audio above 16khz is cut off and the compression technique cannot be undone. In hopes all will follow suit, we archive the original lossless audio recordings as they were originally taped. In most cases, with some exception of proper revisions and upgrades, they are sometimes the highest quality audience recordings available. Lots of people have mp3 players, and make them own for personal use, and thats understandable. They just never delete the originals or ever share the mp3s. Hope that helps change any doubts you may have had. - Marooned FYI: The download link is now fixed. We changed DNS Servers and I had to update the link. Thank you.
  3. From unofficial studio soundboard recordings, to unreleased live demo tapes, to audience based DAT recordings and even a few reel tapes from the 70s, the International Echoes Hub is a private community dedicated to the archiving of live, unofficial, historical, musical performances onto CD and DVD. We guarantee that we have, in our possession, unofficial audio or video of something that you have never heard or have never seen before... period. Come see for yourself. Got any of your own recordings? Bring them along! To date, we have already amassed over 50 TB of material from hundreds of tapers and traders emerging from more than 40 countries around the globe. This is concert recording availability at it's finest. However, we do have strict trading rules put in place such as no sharing MP3s or any other type of lossy audio, no sharing any incomplete or official recordings, etc... Experience true excitement driven from our real-time, interactive environment as you compare your concert experiences and trade music w/ hundreds of other like-minded music lovers from around the globe just like you. The International Echoes Hub - www.echoeshub.com
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