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  1. They need to bring back the BTS videos. I can not recall why or when they ceased but these were fine to see something. Livestreams replaced it essentially, but they are also adding Livestream Roundups in shape of a transcripts now. They are the BTS. The live-streams simply don't do it for me. Livestreams are longer. They show additional information (well, for RS3 anyway) about the RS gold designs and demos of those functions. They can perform interactive sessions and Q&A with the players too. So there are some points for livestreams. For players that want bullet point mode videos, then perhaps they like the old BTS videos more. Since RS3 is utilized to milk the playerbase for money while reinvesting as small as you possibly can. When they told you exactly what they have in store for you, you'd simply have more questions as to why RuneScape gets so little why bringing in them so much revenue.I would like to know why there is so little - only the Morytania Expansion is done from the OSRS side. People within this subreddit generally think that RS3 is driving way more revenue than it real is though.It makes more money than osrs with a small percent of the playerbase. That doesn't matter 13, Irrespective of how far it gets past. I actually do not think that is true. Playerbase has been somewhere between a 3:1 and 4:1 split in OSRS's favor for a long time, well within a year. Lets go on the end, and give them 3:1 participant disparity, or 75 percent of their subscription revenue. Even if we ignore that OSRS bonds exist and give RS3 all the MTX earnings, this still brings the revenues to 50,739,879 OSRS into 41,549,375 RS3, and I left a few RS3 favorite assumptions in this investigation. Yet you'll be able to credit membership earnings to RuneScape folks subscribe to perform. If people and OSRS although not RS3 play with - that is a vast majority of subscribers then is earnings from OSRS, even if it's pooled. You can split the revenue from subscriptions depending on the percent the player plays with each game. This is similar to company 101. Just because a business is selling something that lets you do multiple things (believe Amazon prime, or RuneScape membership) does not mean they aren't monitoring which of these products the customer is using the most, and where that money should be attributed. Additionally, I gave RS3 the MTX revenue all which means that your second point is moot. I again am not sure this is the situation. Whilst RS3 was on a slight downward trend in popularity OSRS exploded By 2017 to 2018. In this same period the MTX earnings dropped, so despite so many more OSRS players to purchase bonds and boost the OSRS market share of the category of revenue, the total pie dropped due to RS3 stumbling. OSRS team is more capable in regions with a group size. Sucks to see in the RS3 aspect of things, but at least one game is treated nicely I guess. Only 1 out of 3 Runefest Shows has been delivered after 8+ months... don't tell me RS3 staff should learn from it. I'm not talking about that aspect, I am speaking about the communication from the RS3 team, which is actually the thread subject. I understand you will shield the RS3 team regardless of what, seen it countless times from you specifically, but you can not tell me that how we get shit communicated to buy RuneScape gold us is fine.
  2. God I would not mind seeing him becoming armed into oblivion for the rest of his profession. I really don't think I'll always be pissed it came down to us having to exchange him and we are 100% blameless from the Fitzpatrick situation. I mean come on, when we had him, how awful could our secondary be? It's not so much that he left. For me it's when he must Pittsburgh, all of the bullshit he was Mut 20 coins talking. He could not endure being used in versatile roles but when he got his manner he morphed into Mr. team first talking about how he's prepared to play wherever they need him. He did not wish to do the dirty work involved with being a strong safety. He wanted to keep the secondary tidy roaming getting selections to fulfill his stat sheet. He's a diva. There is nothing wrong with what he's said here, it makes sense. Pittsburgh put him at a role as FS and he thrived. Later on in this article it mentions his stats surfaced since his way wasn't throwing. Which caused him to want to become more flexible and therefore harder to defend. In the end of the day people are going to make judgements on their view, and I just think he wanted no part of a whip. He was being groomed to be that versatile chess piece with the Dolphins but he could not buy in. He continued two weeks before he asked for a trade, could not make it a quarter of this year. So from my standpoint that he quit on the team. The issue of his role on the defense proved to be a reason to get off what was likely to be a poor group and long term rebuild. He took it and saw an outside. I really don't dislike him. I dislike the way I perceive he pushed his way. However, as Minkah says It's part of Madden NFL 21. It is part of the job. They exchanged three other gamers, too." Nothing better than forcing a transaction to a iconic franchise known for good defenses. Getting to play his role. Picks all over the starting defensive lineup. It is an excellent alternative to playing a job he didn't want to on a bad team embarking on a rebuild. So now that he got what he wanted so he can keep padding his stat sheet to the 27, he prepared to be versatile. He is a hall of famer. But he come off as a bum to me. I think that the problem is you are thinking that him speaking about versatility means playing a lot of positions where he's considering flexibility where he could roam the area such as Polamalu and Ed Reed had the freedom to do, not flexibility as in drama with a substantial amount of SS/LB/SCB/CB/FS like he did with us. That does not mean loving to perform with a bunch of different positions. That is a cheap Madden nfl 20 coins terrible look for my argument that is defending. It seems like he's trying to talk up but it is ironic about playing at the box, when it's a position that he confessed he's not comfortable playing, that he explained this, especially with.
  3. I've been attempting gunner but I began with bouncer and although it's pretty fun and easy to work with even in ultimate quests, gunner seems far more entertaining and it seems like it's some mad damage. My only thing is how the heck am I supposed to stay in enemies faces to do more efficient damage? Bouncer has many I-frames lol. The whole cartoon of Sroll is all iframes in addition to PSO2AH Chronolapse having iframes throughout the move except in between the first part and second area where youre invulnerable. Gunslinger spin also has iframes during the animation but its not used for bossing and bossing. I didn't know that. thanks. Negative question, do you attempt to time for a attack out of an s-roll? Or do you simply go into a PA/attack? And gunslinger spin is good for add clear then right? Yeah gunslinger is simply great for addsout of s roster there isnt a time, you struck a great attack the moment you are able to do an attack. Something to understand is that with a skkill passive about the tree, if you can because you gain 10% more damage, you want to PA following an sroll. I do it occasionally in the video because im also fairly new to gunner and pso2 in general but missing out on the 10 percent damage is huge. Being a Force user on PSO2 be like Unless you are on NA in which case you throw out absurd string (Gizonde) over and over and over because everything else is pointless. No joke the things with constant utility are the lightning techs haha. Gizonde(dinosaurs ) nazonde(compound tech judge building on strong mobs or bosses) ilzonde(based motion ) and also the suck everything into one place one. I really like Ilmegid, its array is that of Gizonde also it could hit the same target. Much better out of which Gizonde for whatever motive stops chaining on flying enemies. Downside is it does not have lightning's cost decrease. They need to all at least have a market wish they've equilibrium the shit out of the techniques. So many of these look/sound cool but where is the harm. Ilmegid is a wonderful concept, but the harm is too low and the pp price is too large. It's fine for low level trash. Megid is strong. The slow buttocks cost megid (ramegid?) Cold has some techs that are decent. Wind is the worst of the lot, and that I was kind of wanting wind to be better. I think the dark technician is namegid? Takes almost six full seconds to bill. Fantastic harm, but dps that is buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta horrible. His minions you and the 1 wind technician that does three whirlwinds is good against boss luther find around. Should out dps additional techs if you get the casts perfect. Nonetheless, it's simply worth using against lone or duo bigger minions because gizonde is better for classes.
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