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    Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash is one of the most legendary muscians ever
  2. i need to here that barenaked ladies songs, i have and love on of there albums, and a song by them about brian wilson must be good
  3. i think he was the most legendary of all the beatles
  4. defiantly the best clash album
  5. i voted for a day at the races
  6. ziggy is definatly a classic album, and one of bowies best, but then again i love most his albums
  7. Chris


    i made a cover of you really got me once, i dont think its very good but i know some poeple who love it, you can find it here www.myspace.com/musicchrisfishlock
  8. i think their first album was the best
  9. best ac/dc album is powerage by far
  10. i love chuck berry imo johnny b goode is one of the best songs ever
  11. i like most thier stuff and i love playing their wondeful guitar riffs
  12. i love that funky bass riff have you heard the version with a rapper in?
  13. Living on a Prayer is quite a legendary song by quite a legendary band
  14. i liked the record quite alot until he/she went into big brother and it started to get overplayed all over the country
  15. i think in utero is a better album, but nevermind is still a classic
  16. hey, ive created a new forum, and i need some new members to join so it really gets going, at the momment its quite slow, but if you and more peopel join it , i can make it a good forum thanks. http://themixtape.shootboard.com/ http://themixtape.shootboard.com/ http://themixtape.shootboard.com/
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