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  1. Cryptocurrencies have a very high-profit margin. You can trade in these cryptocurrencies by opening an account similar to a with a cryptocurrency exchange. A cryptocurrency account functions similar to a demat account. Like you would do in the forex and the stock market. However, the fluctuations are much more predictable and comparatively lower than stocks and forex combined. You can even trade cryptocurrency for currency notes.
  2. Cryptocurrency just like the stock market is very unpredictable in terms of profit and loss. It is no surprise that a company such as Nvidia suffered huge losses due to their stock prices dropping. I have seen my friends go from earning triple the amount they invested and losing all of it, too. While trading in the stock market, you need to be very smart and cautious. Markets like commodity market which is similar to stock market has derivative stocks that has the highest risk. I, too, invest in stock market but I try to keep the risk at the minimum. It was as simple as opening a bank account where I needed a Demat account and a broker to handle my tradings. Investing in cryptocurrency has been taken up by a lot of investors to earn profits. It seems like a pretty interesting investment choice to me as it gives huge profits. The transactions with cryptocurrency are encrypted for secure and safe transfer and it’s legal in most of the countries. Nvidia is a company that makes hardware for video game consoles and has customers like Nintendo. Cryptocurrency being very volatile still has investors due great profits but I guess it’s not for people like me.
  3. I am really liking your threads. Nice movie and trailer reviews! I see My best friend's exorcism in the list up there!! It was a nice one. Horror movies are really my kind of genre. But good horror movies don't come along so often these days. We have things like Annabelle creation which stunk big time. Excited to see the extended and deleted scenes!
  4. I agree with Floyd, but a lot of really good soundtracks are here, haven't heard all of them. I'd like to try them, I am seriously out of new music. This EDM thing has gotten on my nerves. I see someone included the Naruto Soundtrack , too. Wow!!! Some good music taste and anime!
  5. The list seems legit! Wow, can't believe I found this post. Thanks, Man
  6. I really did not expect Pikachu to have the voice that he is really given, I mean from the original 'Pika Pika' the actual voice of Pikachu talking was really shocking. And the voice is of Ryan Renold's !!! The trailer seemed amazing. The graphics look really good. Not a big fan but the trailer seems promising. Too many good trailers this year.
  7. The trailer was very impressive. Couldn't beat the classic but I can not help but wait eagerly for the movie. It really has live action footage? Are you serious? Doesn't July seem too far now! We better discuss the movie as well after we watch it, I'd love to know your reaction to that as well
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