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    Like I could choose!
  1. Ahem,pink floyd,pardon...PINK FLOYD!!!! is reuniting and you guys are talking about who donates what?Percentages and statistics and GNP's? Jeez,no wonder I haven't been around in awhile Music ppl,It's all about the music ;)
  2. The genius is his wife,a frickin' marketing genius.
  3. HEY!,That's not a drumstick!>>>>>>>>Listen carefully to the lyrics of livin' after midnite,I swear there's a line that says"I set my sights on lil ol' men. wha'
  4. One trillion,wherdaya keep 'em all?
  5. Oh,they'll tour.Angus can't pass up the opprotunity to flash his skinny white ass!
  6. spraymonkey

    Which One's Pink?

    deffinately Waters B)
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I have to go reassure MY penis now.
  8. grumble clear channel grumble :duck hunt:
  9. ...had to be AC/DC when they broke out the cannons on for those about to rock!
  10. I love rock n roll,If I remember correctly J.geils came out with centerfold around the same time and they played them both into the ground,sickening.It's the first time I became aware of being sick of a song,or two...
  11. ...reminds me of home,and damn good shot Koop!(note to self...do NOT tick off Kooperman)
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