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  1. Oh wow! Very nice single!
  2. Leon Russell got around it seems. Johnny McCrae released a single or two back in the early 60s but never charted.
  3. It looks like the undying wizard died. The site seems fine to me. Just from glancing through the forums, it does seem that participation was much higher years ago. It is probably because the liberals outnumbered the thinkers so the thinkers left the liberals to dwell alone in their cesspool of inferior thought process. It is also possible that the highly intelligent rednecks killed themselves off fighting over a lukewarm beer.
  4. After all these years since this thread was posted, Ron Townson is still the only one of the 5th Dimension that has died. Great group, great tunes!
  5. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A few more beers will improve your vision.
  6. He seems like such a fine fellow. I bet his mother is very proud.
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