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  1. Kool And The Gang with their first Billboard 100 Top Ten hit. 1973 it reached #4.
  2. Plano is not considered to be in East Texas. It's a burb on the north side of Dallas and that section of the state is referred to as "North Texas". The building he refers to is 150,000 sq ft which the size of the average Costco and they will need minimal parking compared to a Costco so total amount of land required is about 5 or 6 acres, meaning it could be located almost anywhere. The power grid in Texas is not as strained some other states but there are times that certain businesses and schools are required to cut back or close due to the grid being maxed out, generally in the summer heat. Even with the high tech, this facility will consume an enormous amount of electricity which in Texas is around 50% generated by fossil fuels so this place will be a major polluter due to energy consumption. Even China has put the brakes on manufacturing fairy dust due to it's waste of natural resources and burden on the environment. I hope this project implodes on a colossal scale in the very near future with losses running around 68 million bucks, leaving them with a couple of million to get out of the country and try again in some other country.
  3. He should have made a run for it. The cops would never be able to identify him in a crowd.
  4. Lowrell Simon died on June 19th 2018 I just found out. He was a soul singer/songwriter best known for his #14 R&B hit from 1970 with the group The Lost Generation. The song "The Sly, Slick And the Wicked" also charted #30 on the Billboard 100 charts and was the title track of their 1970 LP. AMG
  5. According to the article, they tested dozens and here are the 10 they feel are best, along with a review and info on each. Read the article here.
  6. Certainly a classic. I couldn't get your old link to play so here is another.
  7. While I'm at it, here is the Poppy Family's only top 40 hit. In 1970 "Which Way You Goin' Billy" reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.
  8. Terry Jacks only top 40 hit, Seasons In The Sun, made it #1 in 1974. He and his wife, Susan, were the Poppy Family before the divorce.
  9. 50 years ago today, Dennis Edwards replaced David Ruffin (who had been fired the preceding day) as a member of the Temptations. Here is their #1 hit from 1971.
  10. Ray turned 74 last week. If he/they are working on a new album, they need to hurry every chance they get.
  11. It seems a lot has changed in 15 years. Spain used to be the place for a business to go if they wanted to sell unauthorized music. ZDnet 2003 article LA Times 2003 article PC World 2003 article
  12. I've read for over 40 years that he was a mean and ornery guy but I must admit that he certainly was successful in managing the group during the 70s. He ruled the family with an iron fist. .....Otherwise, Michael may have become a freak at an earlier age. lol
  13. Pollyanna was released by the Classics in the fall of 1966. It reached #85 on the Cashbox 100 charts. Due to another group already using the name "Classics", this group changed their name to Dennis Yost and The Classics IV right after this release. Amazing similarity to recordings by The Four Seasons. Also note the song was written and produced by Grammy winner Joe South before he became famous.
  14. This 1966 tune is credited to "The Holidays" but supposedly, none of them are on it. It is Edwin Starr on lead vocals. Find the story here.
  15. It seems to be quite popular to knight old popular rock stars. To me it cheapens the value of the honor for those who truly did something to deserve it.
  16. I'm guessing that Bruce Willis won't be in it either since Stallone got his panties in a wad and went on the childish tirade about Willis concerning his salary demands to be in Expendables 3, which were not met so Harrison Ford was added to the roster in place of Willis.
  17. Well, it was on this date (his birthday) 11 years ago that Tiremonkey2000 dropped the line above about going on a 4 day vacation and he never logged in again. He must have had a killer vacation.... I hope he didn't die from it.
  18. He was a great guitar player and I liked the movie. That film cost quite a bit more to make than Star Wars which surprised me. RIP Matt.
  19. I doubt anyone has missed this but it is a classic.
  20. Hombres - Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) #12 hit in 1967
  21. If those no-winged crooks at the Pirate Bay can't remain online then us right-winged crooks will have to give our money to the left-winged crooks at the movie studios. Needless to say, I'm rooting for the no-winged crooks.
  22. My favorite Donna Summer track. The vid is live clips but the audio is the original studio 45rpm single. For best results, play the vinyl on a high end system at near max volume. You may want to learn sign language beforehand because if you play it right, you will need the sign language afterwards.
  23. "Believe it or not, Sean Penn introduced this song to me " I believe you and I'd be interested to hear that story..... even though I would rather have a colonoscopy than meet Sean.
  24. Killer diller selection of songs that have withstood the tests of time!
  25. By a slim margin I prefer the Four Seasons. I thought the Donnie and Marie TV show was kinda cute back in 77 or so. Then again, there wasn't much on TV back then. That Jeff Beck vid is a keeper!
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