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  1. Having tired of the Apple & Samsung duopoly, I wanted to find an alternative. I sought out HTC, Google, and Hauwei phones... and finally settled on the Huawei Mate 9, buying one myself and another for girlfriend. We've had the phones for only 2-3 months, but the love affair has been short lived. Two issues: 1) The volume button on both phones continue to work, but no longer have the 'click' snesation when pushed, now it needs to be mashed a bit to get any response 2) My screen shattered with a 30 inch drop from a sink, onto a tile floor. My issue here is not my clumsyness, but that Huawei has no service cetnres in the US... ZERO! It's just not possible to get a broken phone repaired by an authorized technician. Additionally, neither myself nor Huawei USA are able to locate private/third-party repair shops qualified to do the work, even in a major city like NYC For more details : website builder software
  2. Picture settings tested: As of the 2017 model year, CNET is no longer publishing numeric picture settings for TVs we review. Instead, we'll give more general recommendations to get the best picture without listing detailed while balance or color management system (CMS) settings. As always, if you want the most accurate picture for your TV, you should get a professional calibration. For more details : whiteboard animation
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