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  1. Everyday, my chance to fall Everyday, I still stand tall Everyday, they do me wrong Everyday, I still stand strong Everyday, I look back glee Today I'm seeing a different me I maybe rich but I still don't care Positive values they still be there How i made it can't comprehend different lifestyle, still got the friends Years go by I still thank god Mum and dad still in my thoughts Years go by, still got the same ho Pretty girls want me, still love tho Love and life is just all I need No money and power be stopping me Darkness dawns, I cry and bleed But I still got all the things Haters hate, wanna see me die The day I die is the day I try Money splitting my soul in half Adversity I sit and laugh Years go by my life still rough I Maybe rich, but my life still tough Pain and suffering is all I see Still never let that change me Years go by still hate on me I thank those who still with me Even though I maybe be rich Hate and greed still be my bitch
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