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  1. Yeah , You Know Max Smith I Heard That He Chokes On Two Tokes On A Spliff But The Truth Is He Cant Get A Stiff The Only Way For That To Happen Is Over Miss Cliff I Know Why You Skip All Your Classes Just So You Can Fuck Little Boys Up There Asses But The Fact Of The Matter Is You Look Like A Prick In Them Glasses Your An Albino Prick You Pay 5p To Suck A Mans Dick Max To Be Honest I Think You Should Stick With Wanking 'Cos Every Girl I Know Would Just Give You A Blanking You Come From Wisbeach So You Have A Balaclava So Stick It Up Your As Man That's What I Call Karma You Always Ask People For Twos On A Fag So Go Ask Jess Wing That's Your Kind Of Slag Now Here's The Truth And I Will Keep It Basic Everyone Here Thinks You Belong Down ASIS And Its Not Just Today But On A Day To Day Basis
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