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  1. hope you dig this.... a diverse selection of some of the best breakbeat science out there :) Hidden Sound - Live At Underground SF, San Francisco Aug 1st 2008 TOO WIERD TO LIVE, TOO RARE TO DIE 1. Chris Inperspective - Heather's Hot Waffles (Exit dub) 2. Macc - Messier 51 [Equinox Remix] (Subtle Audio) 3. Fanu - Tribes [Remix] (Warm Commuications) 4. Fracture & Neptune - Too Doggone Funky (Inperspective) 5. dgoHn - Man Bith (Subtle Audio) 6. Macc & 0=0 - Bridge Over Broken Water (Subtle Audio) 7. Senses - Expand:Contract [shotgun Camel Remix] (dub) 8. Fanu - Jason (Thermal) 9. Fanu - Lightless (13 Music) 10.Reactiv - Sirocco (Covert Operations) 11.Seba & Alaska - Back From Eternity (Arctic Music) 12.Spiral - Miss Sunrise [Fracture & Neptune Remix] (Know) 13.NSF - Dub Shall Fall (Audio Bullet dub) 14.Sumone - Jah Jah We Are Waiting (Soothsayer) 15.Parallel - Iron Shirt [mental brockout dub] (?) http://www.musicv2.com/direct.php?id=52344 or http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ess8lcr5yg9 homepage: http://www.musicv2.com/artist/hiddensound
  2. here's 2 45 minute mixes dedicated to some true geniuses when it comes to this thing. :D Part 1 - 1. Colemanism (Outsider) 2. Too Doggone Funky (Inperspective) 3. Untightled (Breakin') 4. Normality Complex [Parts 1 & 2] (Offshore) 5. A Glass World (Subtle Audio) 6. Ups & Downs (Offshore) 7. Firefly (Bassbin) 8. The Ice Planet (Outsider) 9. Clouds Over Memphis (Subvert Central) 10.Spiral - Miss Sunrise [F & N Remix] (Know) 192 kbps ~ 45 minutes Direct DL Link: http://www.musicv2.com/direct.php?id=50142 Part 2 - 1. Deadlands (Droppin' Science) 2. Ventura (Med School) 3. Planet 13 (Counter Intelligence) 4. Apollo (Subtle Audio) 5. Visions Of Amen (Subvert Central) 6. Boogaloo (13 Music) 7. Our Sound (INP) 8. Sound Spectrum 96' (Subtle Audio) 9. Discharge (Droppin' Science) 10.Continuities (Breakin') 192 kbps ~ 45 minutes Direct DL Link: http://www.musicv2.com/direct.php?id=50145
  3. Live from "The Beatdown" on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, California - 1. Cujo & Psyche - Imminent Attack (Ninebar) 2. Eat Static - Bodystealers (Mammoth) 3. Danny Breaks - Exit (Droppin' Science) 4. Vortexion - This Side Down (Reinforced) 5. Decoder - Quake (Tech Itch) 6. Hokusai - Sculptures Hide (Source Direct) 7. Noise & Paradox - Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet (Ninebar) 8. Seba & Krazy - Consciousness (Secret Operations) 9. Endemic Void - Down The Line (Language) 10.Digidub & Resonator - Residub (Ninebar) 11.Instra:Mental - Sakura (Darkestral) 192 kbps, about 50 minutes long http://www.musicv2.com/direct.php?id=49886 Homepage with plenty of beat science : http://www.virb.com/hiddensound Ride that shit into oblivion!
  4. definitely! yeah it's all about the tunes, a lot of fresh beats in there. A lot of my favorites. my explanation of the mixing is really just an afterthought....this was a re-creation of a live set that didn't get recorded right that night :D Glad you enjoyed it, more on the way... I think you might enjoy this from my radio show a few weeks earlier....a lotta fresh stuff here too 1. Fanu - Circle of Sycamore Trees (Warm Communications) 2. Breakage - Wheezer (Scientific Wax) 3. Nucleus & Paradox - Parateric (Esoteric) 4. Equinox - Stagger (Intasound) 5. Fanu - Ninja Chicks (Darkestral) 6. Macc - Nunez (Transmute) 7. DJ Trax - Syncopation (Outsider) 8. Senses - All Over (Subtle Audio) 9. Tundra - Sprouts [Omni Trio Remix] (Offshore) 10.Fanu - Tribes [Remix] (Warm Communications) 11.Alaska - Shiver (Arctic Music) 12.DKay & Epsilon - Space Quest (Soul:R) http://www.musicv2.com/download.php?id=36604
  5. :D sure I selected a lot tunes that I haven't played out - like Polska and those Pieter K tarcks. There's even a Arcon 2 track from 96' to put some perspective in it. A lot of slightly jazzy, chopped up, slightly off-key beats, mixed in a way that's also kind of off-key and really chopped up to try and create a unique feeling set. I think all the tracks compliment each other and create an odd, unpredictable floaty world of beats and atmospherics. pretty cool :) B)
  6. this one's real fresh - August 31st, 2007: 1. Polska - Sabbatical (Inperspective) 2. Banaczech - Shady Lane (Warm Communications) 3. Macc - Set The World On Fire (Transmute) 4. Arcon 2 - Skyland (Reinforced) 5. Fracture & Neptune - Firefly (Bassbin) 6. Pieter K - One Of Them (Inperspective) 7. Macc - The Way of The Small Thought (Breakin') 8. Fracture & Neptune - Too Doggone Funky (Inperspective) 9. Polska - Taught (Breakin') 10.Macc - Be Like Water (Outsider) 11.Pieter K - Set The Record Straight (Inperspective) 320kbps: http://www.musicv2.com/download.php?id=36973
  7. A real cool mix of some amazing early techstep / drum & bass. This was a off-the-top mix from around Nov. 06 which I forgot about (I think I was too critical) and just found on the floor of my car. Insane tuneage in here, full of classics. Check it out, this is the drum & bass that hooked me in at the start. Hidden Sound - Out Of Space 1. Kabuki - Total Eclipse (Precision Breakbeat Research) 2. Makai - Northstar [Matrix Remix] (Precision Breakbeat Research) 3. Wink - Simple Man [Optical Remix] (Ruffhouse) 4. Kemal & Rob Data - Konspiracy ???? (Industry) 5. Sinthetix - Anomaly (No U-Turn) 6. Angelzero - Laroux (Subtitles) 7. Syncopix - Neglected Fixations (Syncopix) 8. Illformants - Artifact (Breakbeat Science) 9. Skynet - Severe Trauma [Matrix Remix] (Audio Blueprint) 10.Polar - ???? 11.Kemal - Cluster (Negative) 12.Konflict ?? - ???? 13.Teebee - ???? 14.Optical - Moving 808's (Prototype) 15.Kemal & Rob Data - Plan B (Timeless) 16.Rob F & Impulse - Recall (Subtitles) 17.EBK - Vision (Composite) 18.???? - Relentless Remix??? 19. Cause 4 Concern - Patchwork (Idioma) 256KBPS - http://www.musicv2.com/download.php?id=29970 Enjoy, put on yo anti-gravity boots on and lift-off Hidden Sound and "The Beatdown" are proudly :
  8. came by here from a Google search just spreadin the sounds, cause I know there's people who love it as much as I do
  9. Fracture, on his first U.S. tour, stopped by the studios at KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, California to record a set for my radio show, and then we did a back to back mix. I've been playing his and Neptune's tracks for years, as they are incredible, so the chance to mix with him was unreal! Huge respect to Fracture and all those responsible for him coming out this way, this was an amazing experience. (H)1. Fanu - Are You Someone's Prayer? (unreleased) (H)2. Senses - Darker Self (Inperspective) (H)3. Macc - Wrong To Perfection (Offshore) (F)4. Dub One - Fallen Society (Dub) (F)5. Sumone - Energy Crust (Exegene Dub) (H)6. Equinox - Ital Lion Tuff Head (Intasound) (H)7. Seba & Paradox - Fire Like This (Secret Operations) (F)8. Infamy - ???? (Dub) (F)9. Equinox - Remember Jah (Unreleased) (H)10.Fanu - Shackdown (Lo:cuts) (H)11.Breakage - Prophecy (Scientific Wax) (F)12.Cycom - Kickflip (Forthcoming Transmute) 256kbps, link: http://www.musicv2.com/download.php?id=27747 Fracture : http://www.myspace.com/fractureandneptune http://www.inperspectiverecords.com My homepage with more sets and mixes: http://www.musicv2.com/artist/hiddensound "The Beatdown" - every Friday 6-8PM on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, California streaming on the web at http:///www.kuci.org "The Beatdown" is proudly affiliated with Subvert Central
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