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Everything posted by James

  1. James

    Leeds & Reading 2009

    Radiohead were absolutely amazing, I wasn't a fan in the slightest before seeing them headline. Really incredible, not just the performace but the whole lighting setup, was just a surreal experience. KOL I only caught bits of, they got the biggest crowd of the weekend by far and got a really positive reception. Deadmau5 - was so packed I couldn't actually get inside the tent, from what I heard he was brilliant but I was happy enough watching Radiohead (time slot clash). White Lies were pretty good, the tent wasn't too packed but I think Prodigy were kicking off on the main stage so, understandable. The lead vocalist (his name escapes me) really does have a poweful voice on stage.
  2. I visited Leeds Festival last weekend, was a great weekend. I've written up a day to day report of the bands I saw, here's my friday report: Saturday Report Sunday Report
  3. On librarything how do you read the books? I can only 'add them to library'
  4. A new physical music format that allows people to buy music that has been preloaded onto SanDisk memory cards is set to launch. slotMusic has the support of major record labels EMI Music, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. It is expected that many of their artists, who include Oasis, Amy Winehouse and Coldplay, will be featured on the new format. The preloaded cards, which have a capacity of 1GB (gigabyte), will enable users to play the music on a variety of different platforms including mobile phones and MP3 and video players. The MP3-based tracks on the cards are encoded at a high-quality 320kbps bitrate and are DRM free, meaning that they can be played across multiple devices. SlotMusic
  5. Muse - Invincible Edit: If you don't like the sound of this song please stick with It for 4 minutes. Because after that point it become hair raising stuff. Amazing.
  6. Dad's IRELAND 4746.05 AUSTRALIA 1821.76 NEW ZEALAND 1634.07 UNITED KINGDOM 1458.1 CANADA 1379.46 Mum's UNITED KINGDOM 1.1 CANADA 0.69 UNITED STATES 0.01
  7. There were some decent parts to that actually. Reminded me of Paln B though. One bit was terrible however: 2 many kidz diying cuz a hand on a gun n mother left crying for sons im just wondering wat da goverment does styl we gotta be strong pik up da pen instead of a gun That last line needs looking at I think.
  8. James

    Friendly Fires

    Friendly Fires are an English band from St Albans, Hertfordshire. They are currently signed to XL Recordings. Their self-titled debut album was released on 1 September 2008. Buy Here I think This albums pretty good as a whole. It's not really Pop, more a cross between Indie and Electronica, just in a way not explored before. It reminds me a little of Justice but with proper lyrics. Here is a cut from the album Friendly Fires - Paris
  9. Thanks all. Not doing anything tonight unfortunately though.
  10. done all that. no video files appear though :(
  11. Normally hate this sort of music but wow this is catchy. Thoughts? Live Your Life - T.I. Ft. Rihanna
  12. Intimacy is the third studio album by Bloc Party, which was released online in MP3 format on 21 August and will be released in physical form on October 27. Here a couple of videos:Talon
  13. James

    Live Videos

    How about adding a Live video subforum in Music Videos. Don't know about everyone else but for me watching live performances is more interesting that the music videos half the time.
  14. I don't know what an activity monitor is but I have firefox, and software to dowload streams. Now what? :D
  15. Is it possible, in any way, to download from this player? Link It used to be but now they use that stupid flash player :(
  16. Donny = Doncaster :) My Hometown MI it was taken in Cyprus B)
  17. Shoplifting... Seems a little OTT. At the end of the day what can they directly do to help. I know virgin broadband have teamed up with some other organisation to crack down on music downloading, but this will, and I'm sure already will have lost them customers. They're not shoplifting they're just trying to keep their customers happy; and by introducing anti downloading bullshit this clearly won't please customers as a the vast majority probably download illegally anyway. this Paul McGuinness geezer, and anyone else still putting the blame on anyone needs to get with the times and move on. These people should be promoting a new physical format as people will always want music on physical release, and as DAIC, at a more reasonable price to carry on making money from music; because moaning really won't help/
  18. James

    katy perry

    She's not a one hit wonder? Only that one song hit UK radio at the moment.
  19. I really like these. All about the lyrics. Quite clever and really funny at times :) 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' is my favourite.
  20. James

    Bloc Party - Intimacy

    Yeah. They're really unique but I like it. If you havn't heard their song - Black panther. Grab that!
  21. James

    Bloc Party - Intimacy

    haha. Britain to win it? :D Somehow doubt that. There were a few electronic bands but to be fair It's a rock festival. If you've heard of: Pendulum Crystal Castles Hadouken and then Dizzee Rascal. But not much electronic stuff unfortunately. Oh yeah, and the Killers were really good. One of the highlights... many highlights.
  22. James

    Bloc Party - Intimacy

    No not Kings Of Leon, although they are reumoured for next year I think. The big ones were; Rage Against The Machine Metallica The Killers There were other big bands like Queens of The Stone Age but my tastes don't fit a lot of the more known stuff. Bloc Party were my favourite :) The Subways and The Enemy were good too. PLayed a lot of tennis? Never picked that up myself. Got a football (soccer) match tomorrow though. ;)
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