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Everything posted by MusicCityChick

  1. wow! thats really agreat video, you got some lyrics???
  2. wow! sounds really cooool! awesome lyrics and music, great stuff!
  3. it has to be Crash by the primitives, from the OST of farrelly brothers Dumb & dumber! really liked the music and the words of the lyrics, thats an awesome song and one of my favourite
  4. are you talking about, chinese democracy? i have the album, and really liked it...same awesome music & lyrics! simply superb
  5. someone is doing a salute???? thats a rather srange album name? has anybody heard it before, any links to sample tracks and song lyrics??? plzz help us out!
  6. he video is not availale now, now...plzz reload it, it used to be a great fun for our group to add some words to the themes and then sing amongst us at the time of gettogethers, picnics & parties! we used to hunt for all the great themes and signature tones.... write down funny lyrics, and it used to be a great girl crowd puller!
  7. these is something magical about this movie, when i was a kid, i used to love watching it again and again, now my three year old is in love with it, he is always humming ....dear a female dear....! i would like to get the lyrics of it so that i can fully teach him the song!
  8. ha ha! great find... post some lyrics also, i didnt get any words of it!
  9. wow! awesome video and lyrics searched more on youtube there is quite a few songs. thanx for letting us know about it
  10. never heard of her before, thansx for the samples in the link. can you help me with the song lyrics also? couldnt find it on net!
  11. dont you guys think that we should request the mods to start a thread dedicated to lyrics?
  12. ha ha! great find...soothing lyrics, decent music, and a fresh and awesome version of rap! what do you all say???
  13. I am in love with female jazz vocalists! i read about one more in 'All About Jazz' & she is Margo Reymundo. she is absolutely beautiful and has the voice of an angel. i would recommend her to everybody who likes Latin influenced Jazz and vocal Jazz. she’s gorgeous! http://www.flickr.com/photos/margoreymundo/
  14. Oh yess! hey Joey is my favorite. thanx for posting the lyrics. btw, i have listening to this new Soul singer called 'The Soul of John Black' and this singer is also like Jimi Hendrix. i was reading the Esquire magazine and the review they gave him was "A testament to the strength of African American music and the undeniable influence of the blues... Bigham's anguished wail will grab your gut and turn it inside out." i was impressed with this. i searched on net i found his MySpace link, for the sample music and i must say i was impressed with him, you can listen to the sample tracks at http://www.myspace.com/thesoulofjohnblack
  15. did anyone see Elvin Bishop got a grammy nomination for "The Blues Rolls On"?
  16. didn't see him mentioned, so I'm adding Grammy Winner Robben Ford.
  17. Wow, that was awesome. What a loss. Oh, was just sent this e-card about Bishop's album if you're interested in more info.
  18. I love Liz Phair. Especially her early indie-raw work. However, she's still okay in my book even with the later, pop sound. Found another amazing artist that has worked with some of Liz's people, so I wanted to share her with anyone else who's into this style. Enjoy! Susannah Blinkoff
  19. I'm a fan of Elvin Bishop. Just heard about his new album, which features other greats like B.B. King, George Thorogood, and Derek Trucks. I also loved the late, great Sean Costello. R.I.P.
  20. you're welcome! FYI, you can download the track "Every Time We Say Goodbye" on iLike. Enjoy!
  21. I just got a copy of this album. Phenomenal. I love this jazz artist, and "Autumn in New York" is one of my favorite tracks. Have a listen: Marilyn Scott Enjoy!
  22. No apologies! I learned something, how 'bout that!
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