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Everything posted by moodyblue

  1. Hey gang!! Long time no see!!! I can agree with #1. I saw the Wall show. And it was AWESOME!!
  2. Hey everyone!! I have been busy lately! I am doing great, staying at my brother's still. And my nephew Jacob came home from the hospital on Thursday. Finally!!! He is doing great. He weighs 15lbs 1oz.
  3. I am glad I am still here too, Joe!! Still doing good.
  4. Thanks guys!! I am feeling great right now. I do have to wear a life vest that will shock me if I have a irregular heart beat, so far nothing. But I am walking and doing my breathing exercises so that won't happen!
  5. I have been gone for a while! Here is why.....I have been sick lately and ended up going to the ER three weeks ago, and had to have open heart sergery, a double by-pass on the 21st. I am doing much better now and getting around great. I feel much better. As for Jacob, he is up to 7lbs! He is doing great.
  6. Sorry I have not been on here in awhile, been busy! Jacob is doing good. He now weighs 5lbs 11oz and they put him in a crib.
  7. Update: Jacob is now up to 4lbs 6oz!! Mom got to hold him today for the first time. My brother gets to hold him tomorrow!
  8. Jacob is doing great! The air is gone from his intestines/stomach, but he still has the NEC. Exrays still look good.
  9. Don't know Red!! But he did give the nurse last wednesday a full diaper and then some!! Update: He now has NEC, a mild case, they caught it early. And some air in his intestines. But he looked good today.
  10. Jacob is now 15 3/4 inches long and weighs 3lbs 3oz. Growing like a weed!
  11. Thanks Red! I'll run that by his parents!! Jacob now weighs 3lbs 1oz.
  12. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one!
  13. Thanks guys!! He weighs 2lbs 14oz now!! His feedings are now up to 4.4cc an hour. He opened his eyes a lot today!!
  14. They upped his feedings to 4cc an hour! And he looks great, my brother sent me some pics yesterday from his phone! Going to see him tomorrow!!
  15. Had to work the Pavilion on friday and saturday.....friday was Aerosmith and ZZ Top! Great show, got to work the barricade in the pit for the extedned bit from the stage. On saturday I had to work New Kids on the Block. Nothing but screaming females of all ages!! Sunday went to see the Harry Potter movie.
  16. moodyblue

    new job

    That's cool Joe!!! Now you can get paid to see all the good shows!!! Like me!!
  17. We didn't get to go yesterday. Mom had to work late. But hopefully we'll get to go today! My brother did call yesterday to tell me that they took Jacob off one of his antibiotics and are weaning him off the steroid. And everything else is stable.
  18. My brother text me that Jacob was doing good today!! He did have pnuemonia, but it is gone now!! And he is moving some more. Going to go see him tomorrow!
  19. Went to see Jacob today! He had surgery today to put in a central line so they can give him his protien and whatnot. Some of his swelling has gone down. And he opened his eyes some more today!!
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