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    My job isn't easy...but someone has to do it
  • Birthday 09/01/1992

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    AC/DC, GNR, Nirvana

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    Bass guitar, web design, forums and other stuff
  1. I have really started likeing Jeff lately, reading books n all, thanks again 4 the site
  2. Sorry dude, I don't really like ramstein
  3. wilza

    Agents of the Sun

    yeah, they are cool
  4. I don't think I have had any problems lately
  5. wilza


    nah, i use aim, yim and msn, but I don't like icq, seems a bit bad too me
  6. wilza

    Search Issue

    It sucks man, i can't help
  7. wilza


    Alright, let me tell you about bleached. Bleached are a popular young Australian band. They play mostly rock and sum punk. Their site is underconstruction but the Bleached forum is located at this site
  8. cool, thanks for that one dude
  9. I said Hendrix, but well, hendrx
  10. wilza

    Beatking MugShots

    I can't send pics, it won't let me
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