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  1. cool,I appreciate that. check out "funnybone" if you haven't already and see what you think. Rap page by the way I thought the thread below was gone. My bad,delete one of the two if you have to .A little A.D.D makes me an idiot from time 2 time
  2. besides dudeasincool I dont know how to link
  3. I've got a couple songs that are demo stages .I would like to know what you think So you dont get confused, GO to the rock page There is about six cuts, but depending on what kinda music your into, I'll help.. "gone" acoustic and very rough "alt rock"just vocals and guitar "everthing" more alt but rock "very lady orientaded "I am " almost metal but I would call it heavy "kinda" "my son awakes" the best musically( metalrock) "closer"metal but not real heavy "sexx"is on the rap page but it is more rock there is just a rap verse at the end If you dont care for the above, check the rap out (IT is almost rock just with some hip-hop beats) madmicmusic.com
  4. I have no links just curious, Haystak is now with def jam south with no site,"other artist" sh*t I dont know of any ,Hoping somebody else did ,Pistols the only other one I know of. 666 yeah they keep doin it.Damn beatfactory your good
  5. What do yous think about Nashville artists like Haystak and Youngbuk? Have yous heard me? Could I get your opinions on things like delivery,lyrical content ,hooks,beats so on If not what do you think about the others
  6. any advice on ways" internet wise "on can get some feedback on my project what are things youve done or people you know.Appreciate all suggestions
  7. thanks for the input guys they were the best yet.sorry about the threads
  8. I need opinions in abad way.I've sighned with a major and I"M trying material .IF anyone wants to judge or just hear new music .CHECK me out,and leave as much input,advice,hate,or support.IF you help thanks .more than you know
  9. I am a WRiter AND i have a project but no ears listening. If you have an extra couple minutes could anyone check it out and leave me advice, hate mail, or support .THIS is not really promotion its just a cry for help. could I be the angriest rapper alive. http://www.madmicmusic.com if you help thanks.you miGHT find someTHINg ,gooD or bad
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