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Everything posted by xbrodie

  1. lol, hey thanx kiwibank and shawn..and yes, its my boody.. but i kinda got my eye out for .::BeatFactory::., he's sum mitey fine dude. thanx ne way mwa
  2. Yo, i didnt read tha artical thing.. i juss wana say that .::BeatFactory::. is a fukin hottie :D and i like ya volcom hat lol... mwa mwa mwa :horny:
  3. Beyonce has come so far in the music industry. she proves it with most of her CD's going platinum. el-good 4 her :D
  4. um, sory DudeAsInCool, im a chik not a guy.. and sory if you took wat i said with tha ear thing.. MwA
  5. Sory DudeAsInCool, my bad.. I think that .:BeatFactory:. may be one of tha only ppl on this site that has an ear for music?? you all still rok tho :D mwa
  6. i disagree with cube and DudeAsInCool.... sean paul rox... i went to his brisbane concert and it went off, have all his cd's and selective memorabilia... how can people be successful with negatives around them??? u all rok tho :D
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