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  1. Not good. The music industry is running out of real icons.
  2. I hope you're checking out Roadhouse. I got through 5 beer watching it tonight. Dirty Dancing is next.
  3. It's not just magazines. Newspapers across the world are paddling in circles. We're witnessing the death of the [non-internet] printed word.
  4. I'm a little more open-minded after a bit of lubrication so I checked this thread out to hear the music. Can you give a youtube or myspace example?
  5. Honestly. The woman is a human shark cruising the waters looking for blood. I feel bad for anyone that is fooled into seeing folksy charm.
  6. I believe that's called an oxyretard.
  7. I only listened to Gangster MC's but it's a really polished sound. That sounds like an asshole generic comment. I mean to say that it sounds really well done although it didn't speak to me.
  8. http://images.encyclopediadramatica.com/im...port_Ribbon.jpg That would look nice on Beatking's front page tomorrow.
  9. Tomorrow is the 10th so you'll have lots more to post after that. You can find out what you can do, and where to show up: http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/PROJE...NO_.22CHURCH.22
  10. http://www.noob.us/humor/the-internet-party/ So what would happen if all of the big sites were actually people and they were all at a party?
  11. So I can go ahead and knock up a chimp without getting grandkids? Cool.
  12. Did you gentle fellows mean the first, the second or both?
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