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  1. amazing!! although women never give you money back! heh.
  2. i used to have an 8 string bass but i had to sell it when on the brink of complete money death! but yeah, that one plays so nice..
  3. if that had been in the UK, he'd probably have got about a year's sentence!!! it's fucking pathetic over here.
  4. i don't even know where to start with this!! what a disgrace.
  5. paulrawnerve


    aye, each to their own, they just annoy me more than most bands do.
  6. and me, at this year's Obscene Extreme festival! how old do i look now!!!
  7. this is me very drunk at Obscene Extreme festival in Czech Republic a couple of years back...
  8. this is me playing a gig in london supporting The Red Chord
  9. argh, i just deleted yourupsetman from our forum database, see you're having problems with spambots/spampeople as well.. DAMN they're so annoying, funny at first, but floods after a while!
  10. yeah, i like all that stuff from lilker too, but it's mostly about brutal truth for me, their first two albums are what really got me into more manic grindcore.. 'extreme conditions demand extreme responses' is just a riff-feast! i've never been a fan of soulfly, but there are some songs on their latest one that reminds me of 'arise' and 'chaos a.d.' era sepultura, i was pleasantly surprised.. i would like to have seen voivod to be honest, i like their older, weirder stuff, and then as they went on, they got more discordant and soundscape-y, which was very much my thing. cool band.
  11. i can see why it didn't click straight away.. took me a fair while to get into the vocals especially, but once it worked, i loved it. i like pungent stench too, they're good fun.
  12. paulrawnerve


    no, the band, they're absolutely atrocious!
  13. absolutely no competition. the two hilton girls are fit, and the two hearst girls are gorgeous, but the rest can keep their money.
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