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  1. JaRiD

    rate me

    Im sick of the ppl bitchin abt me Sick of all the ppl sayin shit abt me Actin like you close too me Like I aint me without you You sure don’t know me you wont c me around here no more I aint takin your crap no more I aint spending no more time Stop bitchin about me Stop sayin shit abt me if you don’t stop you will find out you gonna find out the hard way if ya don’t stop she was jus a girl nothing special I just can’t figure it out Why would you turn on me like that over her I thought we were stronger then that I thought you were different I thought you were better than that At least I found out you never had my back I could never trust you I just don’t get it why would you fuck me over like that Why would you say stuff like that? Acting all tuff n all that She was jus a girl nothing special…Ya know what…fuck that You threatenin me like that…Seriously whats with that goin behind my back after all you done You’re still around you should be thankfull for that You thought you knew me But you didn’t know that You had no clue that I knew people that could do that You thought I wasn’t like that You never knew me you never knew I hope you enjoy the life I made you It wont last long without me Not that bigga deal to me Jus don’t expect me to help you when you need me Don’t think ill b there for you You hit me from behind, boy ya dead to me
  2. Took one glance your way I didn’t know the words too say But I didn’t expect too find you hear 2day [CHORUS} I have to tell you from the word get go Just listen to the words I got to say I can tell by the look in your eye Uve heard it from all the guys I aint jus gonna let you walk away Even though I’m a lil scared I will say I wont mistreat you, Ill treat you better than that guy in your dreams Ill try n fulfill your every wish n fantasy If you would jus let me, that guy in your dreams could be me Jus one chance that’s all I require Because after that ill be everything you desire N hopefully, everything your heart will ever require [CHORUS} I have to tell you from the word get go Just listen to the words I got to say I can tell by the look in your eye Uve heard it from all the guys Just listen to your heart that’s always the place to start Let go of the fears n forget all the little whispers in your ear I’m the man you been looking for The one you got sick of waiting for I really don’t care what it takes I aint gonna make a another mistake, I’m gonna make you my girl
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