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  1. has anyone else heard this yet? smooth stuff with a lot of feeling and a bit of an african vibe. very good stuff.
  2. It's only Rock 'n' Roll not a marathon, it's about a flash of inspiration, capturing a moment and then moving on. Not endlessly recycling the same old act for 50 years. To be honest I find it both disturbing and sad to see 65 year old men emulating 20 year olds.
  3. If Mike Skinner persuaded Erasure to back him on his new album which was about Lobsters he might come up with something that sounded like this, then again it might sound relatively normal. Lekiddo is one of those brilliant offbeat characters that the British music scene throws up every few years, and should become a national treasure, like Syd Barrett, Alan Bennett, Kenneth Williams and cold rice pudding.
  4. Are the Stones still relevant, is this a joke? they haven't been relevant since 1972.
  5. Wake me up in September? wake me up when this loathsome record finally ends.... American idiots.
  6. I am a massive sucker for those melodic tunesand always feel uplifted by a blat of the Posies. It's funny with the honorourable exceptions of Teenage Fanclub and latterly Santa Dog and their rather cool Belle De Jour EP we brits don't seem able to do that kind of music well any more. Perhaps we should start a campaign to bring back hook laden indie pop.
  7. Acid Jazz and British Soul and Funk seemed to be at an all time low following the resurgence of guitar led indie bands. Leeds band Chichino seem to have different ideas however, and just played one of the most exciting shows I've seen in ages. Fronted by the brilliant Miss Narelle they gave a display of dazzing soulful funk propelled by groovy loping beats and topped with some superb instrumental skills from the whole band. They've got the song and the chops and I think we can expect great things for them when their debut single, "Every Little Thing" is released in the next few weeks.
  8. Has anyone come across this? http://bandwagon.co.uk/soundclash/ it's a competitiom for unsigned bands which could win them a record deal and festival gig... Bandwagon looks like a really cool alternative to myspace.
  9. trent

    Georgie Carter

    I'm really enjoying her at the mo and look forward to seeing how she does.
  10. trent

    Mukul ??

    Has anyone else here picked up on this guy? I really love his album Stray. Theres nothing on the internet about him and no-one seems to have heard of him but the album is on Sony normally they would do loads of press, but he seems so underground he could be coal mining.
  11. trent


    Shame, because I'm rocking this album at the moment and there doesn't seem to be a lot of stuff about him online.
  12. trent


    Thanks, can't get the links to work... but it looks like theres loads of stuff by him. Do you know much about him?
  13. trent

    TD Lind.

    Has anyone else seen this video on Fantastic and what a great song most original thing I've heard for ages, does anyone know anything about him. I heard some more songs on his Myspace and they're really good to.
  14. Good lyrics. Kind of remind me of the sort of stuff TD Lind is writing at the moment.
  15. trent


    Has anyone else heard this guy? Apparently he's quite a big star in India where his Dad is in the government or is some kind of politician or something. The album I heard is called Stray and it came out there last year, it's got a trip hop vibe but with some strange twists, well worth listening out for.
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