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  1. Here's a fellow from da south that is really funny! Scope it out! I'm curious to know what you guys think of it! His name's Rodney Carrington :) http://www.mercurynashville.com/rodneycarrington/ ENJOY!!!
  2. great! i will be sure to check em out
  3. (((( collateral soundtrack )))) :strumma: audioslave, the roots, tom rothrock, rocks!!!!! :scratchin: in fact i heard from universal that they're giving away free albums..here are 2 sites: http://www.themovieinsider.com/contests/contest.php?cid=91 -and- http://entertainmentworld.us/Collateral.asp
  4. So did anyone join his street team? Josh Gracin's album is out in stores, and he is starting to do guest appearances on t.v. In fact, he'll be on Espn's "Cold Pizza" tomorrow morning 7-9am EST. We'll be seeing more of him. Check out his site for more of his scheduled performances/appearances. ok.
  5. I know he's a little too pop to be real country, but I still like him. Have you guys heard of JOsh Gracin? He's the marine who sang country songs on American Idol 2. I really like him. He sings that song on the radio - I Want To Live. And I heard a copy of his new cd at Universal and it's really good. I love it. If you wanna hear or learn about him go to joshgracin.com and tell me what you think. IF you like him, i suggest joining his team - joshgracin.com/team - because you get cool exclusives. I did! So, either way, tell me what you think.
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