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  1. Well i dunno i might be biased i have a OK Computer poster right above me at the moment but it is a pretty damn good albumn. I dunno if i can put it in the number 1 spot..
  2. I see, because you dont say it outright say it and instead say the exact opposite that somehow makes it complete different. In other words 2+2 != 3-1 You claim the lists are "purposely flawed" which again would be a criminal act and therefore that would make it a accusation. Then you claim the "list" caused the deaths of serviceman and the deaths of iraqis which is what is a reference to Bush. Therefore the only way you make any sense is if the "list" means the electing of Bush whom you deemed killed those people which by itself is wrong. It was you who said "servicemen" you did not specific where, servicemen have also died in Afganistan, which is in the war in terror, rather than claming that im out to distort your post because of your failure to be more specific. And since you reference that Bush was only elected because of this list and the fact that it was Bush alone who killed servicemen and iraqis. The opposite would mean that gore would be elected and none it would have happened. Of course all this assumes that you actually meant your post and it wasnt just another thoughtless bush bashing post. If thats the case then i apologize for thinking that you actually the capacity for anything above partisan cheap shot and i assure you that i will never make that mistake again. As for my rant about how Florida was not referring to you. And again i was talking more in general and not one specfic race so the link you give really doesnt mean anything.
  3. I think your baseless accusations is wrong, the fact that you say that the war on terrorism would have never happened under gore. Even though there were 4 terrorist attacks on the US during the clinton-gore era, and they did not do enough to stop the next one from happening. And its pure speculation. Why you believe that doing things the same as they were before which cost thousands of innoicent civilians their lives as well as servicemen in terrorist attacks is beyond me. I also dont know why you seem to think that Florida is a heavy democrat state when its not. There is a republican governor who was reelected last year by a wide margin, and a republican state congress. Other than a few areas all of which are amoung the richest areas of the state and liberal northerners who move down there the state is not a democratic stronghold at all. Not only that but the democrat party has shifted to the extreeme left, and is not longer really moderate like in 2000 and no longer represent many people in the middle. To also assume that Florida is the only state that had problems in the last election would also be foolish, the other states most likely has similar mistakes that prevented some from voting but i dont see you getting all "outraged" over that.
  4. If anyone is about alienation its the democrats. Not only have they divided veternns, relgious groups in two ways, amoung religious groups themselves in some cases, and .second the anti-religous nuts who want to intrude on people's beliefs. Plus the democrats being oppotunistic and exploiting the war on terrorism and the war on iraq for political gain. If you dont believe me then please go look up what the now democrat congress leaders said about iraq during 1998 when Clinton bombed iraq, how iraq was a threat to the security to the US, that saddam was a threat, and that we should take action even if its unilateral if neccessary. All of which is why im not voting democrat for a very very long time. Which two years ago i would have voted who ever was the better canadiate. regardless of party.
  5. I saw it yesterday morning and its the best movie ive seen since KillBill vol 2. I can wait for the 3rd one, and which i think it would be pretty cool if it had venom in it. Based on what happens in this movie i think it is possible.
  6. I dont think the FCC or the "religious right" had much to do with this. Stern was more opposed by women's groups. If anything it was a move by Clear Channel to try to appease the FCC especially with the hearing and etc. In the end it is their radio station and they can put whoever they want on, or take off. Even if the reasoning behind it is stupid or foolish. Bubba the Love Sponge was also pulled in the air from 98rock(also a clear channel station) in Tampa FL. Which considering how many times he has been in trouble it wasnt a big surprize to me. Some good did come out of it because they got rid of "the fiasco" which was a horrible and very lame afternoon show they had, which now i dont have to listen to just cds when im driving at that time anymore.
  7. I dont think its that sketchy, you have to pay attention to the little details. It is a local news station story after all and it is just the first report. Do you believe that any real Republican would be standing outside of a Micheal Moore film handing out, and trying to oust a Republican out of office? Because i dont think that sounds very likely, and even so doesnt really matter here because in either case the person was supporting the left leaning interest group moron.org. And if he was a republican then im sure you would be "outraged" and would be going on some partisan rant. I put that because i figure that would be the inital reaction from anyone here if they just saw "Movie Goer Assaulted at Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing" but it seems that it had no effect, because already people are being labeled even though there was no mention of party and it has really nothing to do with the story. Which its sad because now the focus is on this small insignificant thing that i added rather than the story itself.
  8. (Jun. 25) -- The highly anticipated film, Fahrenheit 9/11, came with more than just controversy at one Las Vegas movie theatre. Moviegoer, Richard Streeter, was one of the many who made his way to a theatre to see what the hype was about. After viewing the film, he was greeted outside the theatre by members of the Las Vegas MoveOn.org. Read the rest of story. ------------- I guess if you dont support them then they will use their fists to "express" their "opinion" in your face until you do.
  9. Stop assuming crap, your taking my point completely out of context which is if i said, something like "Ken, you are a complete dumbass." Which is clearly an insult, but you tell me if i claim that its a opinion, then how exactly does that not make it insult? It has not a damn thing to do with forums, senators or news stories. I don agree with your comment that it builds discussion, it does not build discussion, events like the RIAA suing people, pushing for dracoian legislation and etc. That is what builds discussion and that is what gets p2p noticed. Forums dont change people's opinion, because the only way a person can change their opinion is if they willingly do it. DAIC if the only think you saw was insults to the riaa, hillary rosen alone and nothing else, would that have changed your opinion? I doubt it, and thats my point. The real message gets lost in the immaturity and petty insults. With the p2p community become even more extreemist to where its not about the dirty practices of the record companies and but its about massive social changes that have nothing to do with p2p and "gittin shit fer free" and the "back to the underground" even though p2p was never in the "underground." The more these extreemist views many of them have very little to nothing to do with p2p become more popular the more the p2p community risks further alienating the "average person," which without their support no change at all can take place.
  10. I guess the "opinion" or "belief" label changes everything.. So i guess as long as person calls it an opinion its ok to flame and insult someone then. The funny thing is the same people who do it cant stand if the negative "opinion" is about them and take it like a insult, even though when they do the same exact things to others its never an insult.. What always happens is the only thing others add is theit own insult or an insult towards the person who posted the orginal insult. People have been flaming the RIAA, MPAA and etc for years and it doesnt seem to be working to me.. Shit labeled any other name will still smell like shit to me. Anyways to answer DAIC post about what can the p2p community do. The real changes has to come from the top, more programs need to start being more active in encouraging litigimate uses, promote the current ones better and expand them to more areas. The portal sites need to stop supporting programs these amateurish programs that make a bunch of big promises and promote themselves even when they are in alpha status. All because they claim they come up with some great way for anonymity and make up some stupid story behind it when in reality its just a clone of a idea called "crowds." But really what it comes down to is that the P2P community needs to better distingush itself differently from the warez community and to better hightlight those differences.
  11. Moore, some members of congress, and anyone else who does it and claim they are looking out for "young people" but really just use that as an excuse to promote their own views.
  12. I wouldnt really call it a expression, since the majority only were on screen for about a second its seemed more like a half expression.. I dont think that service should be required when talking about defense, the real hypocracy I see here is people who believe that they speak for all the "young people" and take on some self righteous crusade to represent "young people" when they arent young and forget that these young people are legal adults, and can really handle themselves. If they cant then maybe should start but if they are only going to be spoon fed then its just going to create even more irresponisbile, people who are dependent on others to tell them how "outraged" they should be and for what and unable to be independent on their own.
  13. I though i would humor mytself and watch the clip.. Its exactly like the last one and just shows that it is a joke and a 2 hour political ad. From the extreemely short clips, to the sad music playing in the background its just as thought it would it be. At the end where Moore takes a swipe at Bush in his "calm" voice i thought was pretty funny along with him fearmongering by hinting that young people today are going to die. The whole thing was pretty stupid, i dont think any parent unless its under extranordinary circumstances would forceably enlist their kid in the armed services, i believe that joining the military is a personal decision. With all the phone calls, mailings, speakers in school, i knew i dont really think the military needs any help getting info out there. And the average teenage male gets bugged enough by the recruiters.
  14. I would like to know what media your watching.. I cant turn on the TV, or pick up a newspaper without hearing or seeing someone critizing Bush for something or Bush Bashing.
  15. I think the page your visiting is displaying outdated info and is ran by one of those google conspiracy sites. When Gmail was first annouced there was a bit of a contraversy over how privacy and the things you mentioned, Google then changed what they were going to do to appease people.
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