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    Tupac Sukar + Outlawz

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  1. Aight, wanna battle so anyone and everyone can have a go, seperate battles though 2 Rounds - Best overall wins. Aight, hit it back for the challenge.
  2. If you still around i'll battle you, i'll drop first if u wanna as well.
  3. Vote from me goes to Shawn, best flow and rhymes outta the two. Sorry h-towns finest you rhymes just didn;t cut it and you didn;t really supply any real disses to Shawn. So Shawn 1 h-towns finest 0
  4. aight if you don;t wanna fucking drop I will. your funerals decided, the empty casket in the herse you a missing person, so I had to drop first had to drop first so I can beat him look he already retreatin like JFk you getting assasinated never comming back an't getting reincarnated and you don't know who the fuck I am but you'll be deader then the lamb that I just ate for dinner and faggot you an;t a winner I guess those were some lame frees but at least I an;t the lame mc you mainstream, listening to 'in da club' stop that shit, all you;ll see is your own blood on my shirt and your face in the dirt now do I still gotta wait 5 days for a reply you faggot I can see it in your eyes you comtemplating sucidie so I guess thats why he don;t wanna face me cause he knows he an;t a competent mc and the only way you gonna stop this curse is if I stop this verse so your lucky for the time being you winning is like the blind leading the seeing
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