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  1. True she was obviously made an example of because of who she is. Be it fair or unfair the fact is the justice system does it all the time. She will be ok. Life isn't over for her at all. She just thought she could lie to the feds and get away with it. A poor decision yes. But that happens to be a serious criminal offense that most people would consider common sense.
  2. 5 months is nothing. I and people I have known have been sentenced much more harshly for misdemeanor traffic offences. She got off easy she should be gratefull for the leniancy she was given. It may not look like much but it was a federal offence. Shes already had people paying off insiders to take care of her on the inside she will do fine. As far as home detention. Please, in one of her mansions. I would LOVE to take off 5 months and relax in a big mansion. No poor martha from me.
  3. Pablo


    That link was dead. However universmusicstore took me to ebay heres what I got http://search.ebay.com/styx_W0QQsofocusZbs...ntrypageZsearch Anyway thanks man. I love Styx. Ya I'm old. I'm gonna go find it now. At e-bay of course :P
  4. Man that register article :reallymad: Its Macrovision copy protection only loaded into RAM. Nothing is installed on your machine. Its only on copies outside the US/UK All of thier CD's have it. http://www.beatking.com/forums/index.php?s...hl=beastie+boys
  5. Ya hes been around forever. I remember he used to be really funny. He had some controversial TV shows back in the early 90's that were hilarious. Have yet to see the movie yet. Think I'll grab a copy this weekend. Even if you hate Michael Moore and love bush I still think its probably worth viewing if for anything to inspire discussion.
  6. Ya I fell in love with her. Never would have discovered her if it weren't for this hippy chick Glad I did though. Great singer with lots of soul. I still have DVD compilation I made of the only video ever made. I would be willing to torrent it ;) There is as I recall a torrent of her discography with most of that video included. You'll have to search I dont think its a good idea to post it here. :( Peace.
  7. http://www.integrityp2p.com/portal/forums/...13291#post13291 Ya I heard about this a few weeks ago. At first I thought oh just DRM no big deal. I wasn't happy about the boyz doing it but hey they gotta make money. However as the days passed rumours of destructive DRM spread through the net and rumours of the CD infecting your machine somehow with malicious code. This is due mostly to people who do not understand what DRM is. Also Capitol Records would have to be OUT OF THIER MINDS TO PLANT CODE SUCH AS THIS. They would get fined SO HEAVILY. That would be considered malware and illegal. DRM
  8. No way. The boyz stuck DRM in thier music. WHOA! I m not happy. Crap I better check my copy. Be carefull.
  9. First time music was the last thing on my mind. :rolleyes: I dont even know if there was any. Was a good one though. Oh ya.
  10. Courtney needs to grow up for her own sake. Shes not shocking or anything the like anymore. She's just become a wreck. @39 a lifestyle change is in order. Her music? Well...speaks for itself. Damn shame really. But it happens.
  11. What a drag. I was really bummed when Joey Ramone died. Wasn't it a cancer too? And then the overdose. I still love thier stuff. How do you describe the Ramones?
  12. Thanks man. Well I've been using it today with about 6 others and so far its great. The only problem I had streaming was with bandwidth, but I had 3 p2p apps sharing. If you tone down your upstream it seems to work fine but thats said for everything. You can easily switch around to different members broadcast with a click. The chat room is like any other. You can have private chat sessions as well. Also everyroom has a private forum board. Nice to have. It takes a while to work it out but well worth the effort. You can stream your entire collection or create a playlist to stream from. S
  13. Its a very cool app I give it an A. You can only stream @ 96kbs but thats more than enough for net audio.
  14. Has anyone tried this yet. I found it when installing sharaza 2.0 Looks very cool. Looks like they license the streaming rights somehow as long as you actually own the media or at least claim to. You can create a private group to Dj your tunes too. Let me know what you think? I've only used it a few hours but I really like it. What is it? http://www.mercora.com/about.asp http://www.zeropaid.com/news/articles/auto/06072004e.php http://www.slyck.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=44987#44987 ;) Heres a clip
  15. I just bought two new boards a month ago. Oh well you can never really buy at the right time can ya? Anybody want to buy some boards?
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